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  • Richard Sherman.

  • What kind of moves will he make as one of the free agents in the NFL this year is Bart, You've noted this is an unbelievable class, a deep talent pool of free agents.

  • This year in the NFL, Richard Sherman will be 33 years old next month.

  • He's talked about how long he's gonna play, so he's on Stephen.

  • A new show on ESPN, Plus Stephen is World last night yesterday, and he said that 35 is what he said all along.

  • He's going to stick to that, he said.

  • I only wanna play tomb or he wants to get on a competitive team.

  • He thinks he still has a lot to give the game and a lot he wants to accomplish, and he thinks he can help a defense come together, reach its potential reach the heights that defense is that he's played on in the past.

  • Have reached March 17th is the new league year.

  • He will be an unrestricted free agent and part with Robert Sallah as the Jets head coach.

  • I know he's got the connection as well to Gruden and that defense there with Vegas, but he screams jet in so many ways, including the fact that he's already telling you, Yeah, this is what I'm going to retire.

  • It worries me when a player tells you when he's going to retire because mentally he's retired.

  • What do you think of this tape?

  • He's lost a step, right?

  • I think his value to a team is of a mentor to teach the young guys how great pro, and also so you can show you his football acumen cause he's also one of the smartest players to ever play the game.

  • Physically gifted.

  • Yeah, look, you could say okay, but, you know, he wasn't really fast twitch guy, But what he does is he plays the defense.

  • He plays formations, his recognition, the drops of quarterbacks better than anybody in recent history.

  • Now, do I believe that he would have to get Revis his blessing to come to New York?

  • Maybe, maybe because they still have Twitter beef about who was the elite corner.

  • Revis calls itself the the number one Locked down man to Man Corner.

  • He calls Richard Sherman a product of a system.

  • He's a cover three corner.

  • He doesn't travel, do all the little things, but that's not the case.

  • The problem.

  • The issue is a jet need cornerback Help the pick and bringing in Di ge danger.

  • He didn't even last the entire Damn.

  • Yeah, he didn't last the whole damn season because it is like you out of here, bro s o they have They have a nice veteran slot for a guy that could come in and play the system in which that they're going to try and play.

  • And also, I look at a guy like Bless on Austin, who is built similar to Richard Sherman E thinking a little bit more fast twitch.

  • Yeah, I think he was a first round draft pick.

  • You think of Bryce Hall, right?

  • I think he showed a lot of promise.

  • He's the guy who played.

  • He was part of that rookie class, uh, for for for for the Jets.

  • And he came in late in the season after being hurt and played well.

  • You have a guy that Richard Sherman, you can teach it.

  • He can teach them to nuance.

  • So that's his value.

  • But he said he wanted to play for a winning team.

  • We don't know if the Jetsons we're gonna be a winning team.

  • We have to wait and see what they're doing for agency.

  • But that means that, you know, Richard Sherman would have to be a visionary to know if there's gonna be a good year for The Jets are bad.

  • Well, he's got to know what the plan is if he knows Robert Sala well.

  • And that's why I said he screams Jets on many levels.

  • You explain one of them a perfect mentor for a young defense and especially young corners that they have.

  • But also it's New York, and we all know he's already working his way into this side of the business.

  • His podcast.

  • He's doing a lot of that stuff.

  • It's he seems perfect for it.

  • So I just feel like that's something that I would watch if I was the Jets.

  • But I wouldn't look at him as a main piece.

  • But what what kind of influence he could have would be perfect And a lot of coaches like to bring in their players that helped them set their new standards.

  • So we'll see.

  • But come March 17, it's gonna get really interesting when it comes to the player movement that we've been talking about in the NFL.

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Richard Sherman.

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