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  • it is imperative that the pats of a huge off season here in the A F.

  • C.

  • Because the quarterbacks that are on the come up and the quarterbacks that are already in this conference incredible.

  • I just wonder, you know, what is that monumental move they need to make that will ultimately change their direction in that conference in the FCS.

  • Like it's like, because every time I think about it, like, is that you go through the draft?

  • Is that Mac Jones?

  • Is that Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  • We've had multiple people on our show talk about Ryan Fitzpatrick, potentially playing for his fourth team and FCS and that kind of completing that scenario and playing for the Patriots and then obviously building through the draft.

  • But is that a long term approach?

  • Obviously, we saw the situation with Cam Newton this year, which I thought was dreadful, even though I wanted to root for Cam.

  • It just it felt like it fell flat on his face, and I know people were out through the cove.

  • It Bart.

  • I know it was a tough year from injuries, but it just it seems like they're in a really weird place and it could get concerning for Bill.

  • If they don't step up to the plate, maybe make the playoffs next year.

  • Then we could be talking about Bill Belichick potentially in the hot seat in in two years from now way.

  • See this with the Spurs, right?

  • We see Gregg Popovich.

  • When Kawhi Leonard said, Hey, I don't wanna get yelled at anymore, decided to leave.

  • So they're going toe, I think go back to somebody that's trusted.

  • Maybe make a trade for Jacoby percent or bring back Jimmy G.

  • So if somebody that's already bought into the system somebody that that that will believe in them and know that they can put them in the best situation to be successful, go all in, and if they're not gonna do that, then they need to have a reunion with either Jimmy G or Jacoby, somebody that they can least stabilizing.

  • They're gonna bring a guy like Mac Jones.

  • Then they're gonna.

  • Then they're gonna have to bring in a veteran that you can groom him and be able to learn how to be a professional, learn the Patriot way or whatever they want to say.

  • But learn the system that is a lot to throw any rookie and how often or when.

  • In the last 20 years, we have never been able to say that the Patriots have the worst quarterback in the division.

  • We understand that there's a lot of young guns you think about tour if he's gonna be able to reach his potential.

  • We know right now that Josh Allen is at the peak, and if they bring the shower watching, tend to that into that division because you imagine the Patriots finally feeling what the rest of the division had to feel like happen to know that they had to go against Tom Brady.

  • Every single game it's gonna be.

  • You talk about this.

  • You talk about Boston fans being out rate, they'll be trying to run Bill Belichick out of town.

  • Listen, you either die the hero or live around and stay around long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • And right now, with Bill Belichick doesn't get this fixed.

  • In short order, he's gonna become the villain and become the target of change from it.

  • Exactly, because you have a general magic.

  • Hey, what's the exit strategy exactly right there?

  • Front office hand the reins over to Josh McDaniels.

  • Right?

  • Let there be a new wave coming because I feel like we are starting to trend in that direction.

  • I'm not.

  • I'm not going to say it's gonna happen this year, but maybe the following year and and also I would say this, You know, you talk about the great quarterbacks that could be in that division.

  • If the Shawn Watson is ableto land to become a New York jet and two, he continues to expand that they decided to stay with two.

  • And what's happening with Josh Allen?

  • It's fascinating to me about Bill Belichick on this one.

  • Is that at the end of the day, if they can't keep spinning it and turning it around like it's like piranha, you start to eat yourself.

  • You start to eat yourself, and it's, you know, South Pound tone to use the terminology.

  • LeBron ification.

  • We're watching that happen right now.

  • Player empowerment within the NFL.

  • Well, when LeBron came home to Cleveland, they want to chip right and Tyler was very when you win a chip.

  • When LeBron left Cleveland, they never made it back to the playoffs and I feel like the Patriots could becoming could be becoming what the Cleveland Cavs are.

  • Post LeBron.

  • Yeah, because you talked about, you know, life's about location, real estate, about location, location.

  • That's not a great location to go up there and playing that cold weather.

  • You know, you think about all the things that comes with the pressure of replacing e don't wanna be back with Matt Patricia e.

  • A whole time we're on there.

  • But you know what you're saying.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Like the location, the weather.

  • I mean, look at all the reasons why Tom and Gronk love it right now in Tampa.

  • It's warm.

  • They're playing for a coach that gives them rejuvenated life, a different approach.

  • They're still winning at a high level, and it seems like they're actually enjoying playing football.

  • E.

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it is imperative that the pats of a huge off season here in the A F.

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