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  • And so another season of the boys has come to an end.

  • Fuck.

  • So you're probably thinking Okay, now what am I going to watch?

  • What could possibly satisfy my craving for some dark comedic action packed superhero adventures until season three?

  • Well, you could always go back and re binge Seasons one and two of the boys.

  • But if even that's not good enough for you, then don't sweat it because we've done the work for you.

  • Check out these pics for what toe watch after the boys streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

  • First Up is an action packed, darkly comedic comic book story.

  • Theano Zahn Original Siri's Utopia.

  • Thank mhm.

  • Who the fuck are you?

  • Just like the boys.

  • We've got a ragtag group of underdogs going against a greater evil, this time straight from the pages of a highly sought after comic book, which they believe to have predicted all the major epidemics of the last 20 years.

  • What's that symbol of Mr Rabbit's eyes?

  • That's up.

  • It's taken me a long time toe put it together, but it's the deals.

  • Virus causes a degenerative syndrome in the nervous system predicted in dystopia two years before the first case in the real world Wild.

  • When an unpublished final volume appears, the group decides to buy it at an auction together, only to discover that one.

  • There's a ton of ominous bad guys also trying to get their hands on it.

  • Uh, on to the comic books main character Jessica Hyde, played by Sasha Lane, is a riel.

  • Yeah, you told me Years.

  • Well, this is Jessica fucking I Get out.

  • What follows is an epic race to find the comic, uncover Jessica's past and discover the secrets of Utopia in time to stop a deadly new threat to humanity.

  • Rounding out the cast Our John Cusack as a big pharma execs What have you done during your place in this crowded world and rain Wilson as a virologist trying to put a stop to the deadly new disease Like the Boys, Utopia explores how screwed up in queasy things can get when our comic book heroes come to life.

  • For another story about a group of misfits carrying out secret vigilante justice, check out the Amazon original Siri's hunters.

  • She would never let us pursue anyone without her verification.

  • Yeah, for sure.

  • Put your who Nazis Jonah Goddamn Gold.

  • They've been great.

  • A Nazis.

  • Hunters takes place in 1977 starring Logan Lierman as a young Jewish math genius, Jonah, living in Brooklyn with his grandma until one fateful night when she gets shot in a home invasion help.

  • Soon after, Jonah learns the truth that his Bubby was part of a group of Nazi hunters, along with Al Pacino and a cast of other colorful characters.

  • You all remember, Jonah, Naturally, Jonah joins up with the hunters.

  • Let's go find this, Karl.

  • How instead of motherfucker shall be.

  • And they're off to uncover Nazis and hiding amongst the American populace, all while edging closer to a secret Nazi conspiracy pervading the highest levels of government.

  • Forget mhm.

  • One of the great things that we try to inject in this Siris are these Easter eggs, these little clues and mysteries and hints that may hint at secrets about our own characters that may hint about plot points that come later in season.

  • All of the different departments that we have have gone above and beyond to push the envelope on the elements that we're incorporating.

  • There's another thing that we're doing you'll see on occasion which is the idea of damage on Jonah Street.

  • For example, right out in front of this house, there's a bombed out car, this idea of the residual damage that that's happening psychologically to these characters, there's a physical representation of that.

  • A world that is ultimately so saturated with story is the most exciting world with.

  • But of course, who could blame you if all you want is simply more official content from the boys?

  • Well, then check out Prime Rewind Inside the Boys on exclusive after Show, hosted by Aisha Tyler, featuring all your favorite cast members, along with the boys showrunner Eric Kripke e tune in to hear about the inspiration behind the Siri's.

  • Because I mean, look, the idea of superheroes is inherently fucking absurd.

  • And a general deep dive into all things the boys scientific question here.

  • So I just want you guys to lean in, put your hats on.

  • Do you guys think that deep fucks dolphins 100%?

  • I'd like each of you toe take a moment to give your characters most sincere thoughts and prayers.

  • Thio any other character on the show, the character of your choosing and Carl we're going to start with you.

  • I think Bush, his thoughts and prayers go out toe homeland.

  • He hopes that that chafing sorts itself out, that the medication works on bond, that it's not contagious.

  • It's very sweet, Cal.

  • It's very smooth, boys.

  • Season 2 may have come to an end, but don't be afraid to dive right back into binging.

  • Season one.

  • Season two and primary Wind Inside the Boys and once you're done with that, check out thes pics for what to watch after the boys streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

And so another season of the boys has come to an end.

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