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  • Dax brother Tad, press that friend of the show quote tweeted that and which is that emoji of like, isn't that interesting?

  • So once again, I want to make it clear the notion that this somehow was Jerry Jones sending a message.

  • No one is saying that.

  • So it is interesting, if not important, swag.

  • Ooh, what do you think of data being left off the 32 2nd Cowboys?

  • Height Video?

  • Do you know I like to get emotional about the cowboys.

  • Um, and I don't look at this as something small man like I and and look, I know Riel.

  • Let me say this because no franchise, no organization makes the height video without their quarterback.

  • When the quarterback is the best player on the team like that.

  • How many?

  • How many checks?

  • How many times did the Social Media Team look at this and say, You know what?

  • Maybe we should put our franchise quote unquote quarterback in the highlight video who broke his ankle trying to make a play in order to continue this team to try to get this team win.

  • Like so.

  • Yeah, called me, called me most of this white goo, but I know Green Bay Packers ain't doing no highlight video Without Aaron Rodgers Before the season, the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn't have did a highlight video without Carson Wentz.

  • The Los Angeles Rams wouldn't didn't know highlight video without Jared golf Before that trade like this, the tone is just the tone, like the Social media team knows what that press got in the Dallas Cowboys have been going through for the last three years.

  • Three cycles.

  • I know, Jeff just said one phone call.

  • We've been waiting on that damn phone call.

  • I was 34 when I was waiting on that phone call.

  • I'm 30 years now.

  • Okay, so the bottom line is this.

  • I don't know who made the mistake with the social team, but it was a grave mistake.

  • Read the room Social Media team with Dallas and understand that that Prescott should be in every good advertisement for your football team.

  • If you want them to be your quarterback or anything.

  • Jeff, this is unbelievable.

  • So when we're talking about this this morning, I didn't realize You know what?

  • I just watched this thing, and I see Dax brother, you know, with the whole little emoji this is a thing of beauty like this could not have been a dumber thing to do for the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Like, Are you kidding me?

  • Man, like video starts with every quarterback.

  • Go back and watch The Colts highlights video.

  • It's like Peyton breaking them down, right?

  • Andrew?

  • Luck any team.

  • It's the sinners who are looking to see if they're in there, right?

  • Like like me.

  • Like man, I try to like, freezing like cause it and then, like, show my kids.

  • Look, I'm in there right there.

  • That's me.

  • That's 63.

  • You see, my three is just a part of it, but I'm in there, right?

  • You could see my shoe right here.

  • The quarterback is always the guy who's in it like he can't get enough face time.

  • And the social media is like It's a slight over.

  • There is no story.

  • You What are you talking about?

  • There's no story.

  • It is the story like like I mean that the freaking there's not a story.

  • You you said everything you needed to say.

  • Go ahead markets real quick.

  • They freaking put Troy Aikman in there.

  • They way.

  • What are we doing?

  • So unbelievable.

  • This happened That's the point.

  • No one is suggesting that Jerry and Stephen Jones air behind this.

  • So it is interesting, even if it isn't important, and I guarantee you to some people, it is important.

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Dax brother Tad, press that friend of the show quote tweeted that and which is that emoji of like, isn't that interesting?

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