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  • so recently, I broadcast an episode on London Real, about the 1/100 teenager murdered on the current mayor's watch.

  • And it was a very sad day, and that happened a few months ago.

  • But this weekend it got much, much worse than London.

  • And it started in Croydon on Friday night with 10 different stabbings, one death in five.

  • What looked like completely unrelated incidents.

  • And that same night on Friday, we actually had a stabbing right near our office, and there was actually blood on our lobby floor.

  • There were a massive amount of armed police officers.

  • They locked us up in our building temporarily.

  • Um, then it's still a crime scene.

  • So it really hit home that one.

  • And then on Sunday, we learned that spend bad Zach Ah, young man, 22 years old, and Kilborn, who had actually gone to school with Prince Harry, I believe, was off to get orange juice for his mom and was stabbed and killed by a group of eight young men.

  • His friend, who was 16 years old, is currently in the hospital, and his mother is now pleading for any information of his killing and the sun.

  • The newspaper here in London has now put out a £20,000 reward for any information leading to the killing of this young man who had pictures himself with the prime minister from the past.

  • And I think the conclusion here is that the knife crime in this city is now at a totally unacceptable level.

  • And it's something we've been talking about for months and for years.

  • It's something we've been asking the mayor for solutions, and this episode that I did a couple months ago showed that year on year.

  • For the past five years, we have seen an increase in knife crime with no plans, no ideas, you know, solutions from the current mayor of London.

  • It seems to all be blaming someone else.

  • That's someone else's fault.

  • And what I think we desperately need right now are two things way.

  • Need some ownership from the mayor to public cookie.

  • Come out and say, Guess what?

  • It's my city and I have to take ownership of the problems of this city and second of all, come up with a solution.

  • We need a solution to this.

  • And yet instead, the mayor has just come out with his brand new campaign slogan, which is tough on crime.

  • And when I read that yesterday, I mean, it almost made me want to cry.

  • I mean, I have three Children myself, and I lived 10 minutes away from Kilburn on.

  • I couldn't imagine how spends Mother feels right now knowing that she's never going to see one of her sons again.

  • I couldn't imagine what that feels like and get.

  • Our mayor is trying to get reelected with the slogan Tough on crime when literally, he's got blood on his hands.

  • And so the question I have to ask all Londoners is, Do you want three more years of this?

  • Because on May 6, if you vote labor, that's what you're going to get on.

  • It's something you're gonna have to think seriously about.

  • I've spoken with senior people about knife crime.

  • I've talked about ideas and solutions.

  • I've talked about prevention rather than cure.

so recently, I broadcast an episode on London Real, about the 1/100 teenager murdered on the current mayor's watch.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/09
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