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  • Tom Brady proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it wasn't all about Bill Belichick, that it wasn't all about the Patriot way.

  • That me, Tom Brady.

  • I had a ton to do with the success in New England, and I'll show you how I'll go to a new place.

  • I won't have an off season.

  • I'll change the team.

  • I'll change the roster and I'll change their fortunes.

  • Tom Brady is the greatest player in team sports.

  • Well, you could.

  • I could put it more succinctly than that.

  • Ryan Clark.

  • Tom Brady is a better GM than Bill Belichick.

  • You can actually make that argument today.

  • You could actually make that argument.

  • You know, you could make that argument today.

  • He's a better general in one year.

  • He proved he's a better GM than Bill Belichick because while Bill Belichick is looking for weapons, Tom Brady was highlighting.

  • We didn't have any and it was making me look bad, and you wanted me gone and you wanted to keep Jimmy G.

  • You know, when he was Jimmy Garoppolo, you let you let go of your Kobe Brouzet, you're brought in Cam Newton, and you thought that all of these things would be answers.

  • You've gotten to kill Harry instead of D.

  • K.

  • Metcalf and A.

  • J.

  • Brown.

  • You got Sony Michelle, who is nothing to sneeze at instead of Damien Harris.

  • You're looking at an abundance of things, but I also will point to last night's Super Bowl and say this if I told you coming into the game that Mike Evans would have one catch for 31 yards and Chris Godwin, excuse me would have to receptions for nine yards.

  • Are you picking Tampa Bay to win this?

  • No way in Hell s So not only did he win the game, but he won the game with Gronkowski shining Gronkowski.

  • Ah, guy who literally was talking and had tears coming in his eyes and was shivering on a stage one day talking about You have no idea what I've been through another physically, emotionally, he did have it.

  • Now, not only does he come back and play stars in the Super Bowl, wins it after only having two receptions in the entire postseason wins it, but also is excited about coming back to play.

  • Hey went from being finished toe, being a champion and excited about literally because he could retire to now.

  • But he said, No, I'm gonna retire.

  • OK, Antonio Brown has anybody.

  • Your former teammate of this man.

  • We know Antonio Brown's history.

  • We get it.

  • Has anyone ever saw him is humbled, as he was yesterday in expressing his gratitude to Tom Brady e.

  • I mean, think about deficit.

  • Antonio Brown notice that law enforcement officials sitting there calling them out and video in your acting up, acting the fool on social media and all of this other stuff, you know, it throws away.

  • He can.

  • You shut up?

  • How many days, man Breed days, four days Shut up and your pocket 29 million just shut up for four days.

  • He couldn't do it.

  • And he goes from that to being a champion with his head down, holding back tears because of how grateful he is to Tom Brady.

  • And we sit around all the time when we talk about the NFL and we talked about the importance of leadership and one of the greatest champions this sport has ever known in Bill Belichick ignored the champion and leader that he had in the end in Tom Brady.

  • I mean, that's a story, man, and that's a hold it against him that he could have been mad Brown Antonio Brown for embarrassing him in a sense.

  • In, In in New England.

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Tom Brady proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it wasn't all about Bill Belichick, that it wasn't all about the Patriot way.

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Stephen A. on Tom Brady's GM moves for the Bucs & Brady's friendship with Antonio Brown | First Take

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