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  • what a short moment of hope and then relief as rescuers pulled this man out from the debris alive.

  • He's one of the lucky ones.

  • Look, several people have been reported dead, and dozens, mainly employees of the Russian Ganga power plant, are still missing.

  • This amateur video shows the moment the small dam was swept away after part of a mountain glacier broke, unleashing an avalanche of water and debris.

  • Like you.

  • It then cut further through the area, hitting the hydro electric power plant in the valley below.

  • E looked up and down but couldn't see anything.

  • But then, after five minutes, I saw something that looked like a scene from a Bollywood film.

  • Move it along.

  • 5200 people were running for their lives but couldn't be saved.

  • Is the river engulfed?

  • Um, the tragedy happened in the top of an area of the state of Uttar account in northern India.

  • This region in the Himalayas is prone to flash floods and landslides.

  • Theo situation here is still dangerous.

  • People are leaving their homes and are fleeing toward the forest.

  • They're taking their belongings, including their quilts and mattresses.

  • Locals from neighboring villages air worried the damn near them could also collapse thing.

  • While rescue operations are ongoing, the government has told the locals to shelter near the forest as they fear the disaster could strike again.

  • Our correspondent militia as well joins us now from Delhi.

  • Dinitia, how are rescue operations going?

  • Well there.

  • Ha!

  • There are multiple teams still working continuously at the location where the disaster took place.

  • There are teams from the border police force, the army.

  • The Navy has sent divers to look for survivors or for bodies on there.

  • Of course, the disaster response forces from the state, on the national level as well.

  • Now, while there have been around 1 70 people that are missing because they're counting the laborers from one power project from from two different power projects that was hit in the debris.

  • There's also of course, concerned that this debris being carried further down could have caused more damage as well.

  • Thousands have been evacuated and the search continues.

  • Several people were trapped within tunnels as well.

  • 12 of these have been rescued, but dozens more.

  • The efforts on going to rescue dozens more Well, could this maybe have been foreseen?

  • And could people have been evacuated in time.

  • Well, I heard there was no warning right before this particular incident that happened so quickly that the glacier burst led to an avalanche and to a massive flood that people did not have time to react as we can see from the visuals from yesterday.

  • However, there have been longstanding warnings by activists by local journalists by environmental campaigners saying that construction along this water worthy is dangerous and that there isn't there is a way toe prevent such disasters in the longer term, but rethinking this construction in back In 2013, there were massive monsoon floods in the region, which caused the loss of life of close to 6000 people, which was a grim reminder about the conditions in this ecologically sensitive area.

  • There were efforts made after that to institute new rules to prevent further construction.

  • However, the current moody government has been criticized for rolling back some of these rules or some of these rules.

what a short moment of hope and then relief as rescuers pulled this man out from the debris alive.

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India glacier burst: Rescuers search for survivors | DW News

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