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  • a diplomatic shot across the bows.

  • Time says the U.

  • K to rethink aspects of the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland.

  • After the unilateral threat by Brussels last week to impose border controls on the island of Ireland, the U hastily retreated, ensuring that Northern Ireland would not be caught up in a row over vaccines.

  • But in a letter to the U, Michael Gove warned that its initial tactics have undermined confidence across Northern Ireland in the Brexit deal into Northern Ireland.

  • Within Paisley in Paisley.

  • Thank you, Mr Speaker.

  • Unionists are alarmed by the heart of that deal checks on some goods crossing the Irish Sea.

  • The protocol has betrayed us on this made us feel like foreigners in our own country.

  • Tea and sympathy will not cut the mustard.

  • So what does the prime Minister actually going to do when you realize when the prime minister realizes that the EU will do nothing to help Northern Ireland?

  • I utterly share the frustration of the, uh, honorable gentleman about the way the U, in particular the U Commission temporally seemed thio call for you to use the protocol in such a way as to impose about a border a country to the spirit of the Good Friday agreement country to the letter of the Good Friday agreement.

  • On day, we will do everything we need to do Mr Speaker, whether legislatively or indeed by invoking Article 16 of the protocol, Mr Speaker, to ensure that there is no barrier down the Irish Sea.

  • Ah, former Northern Ireland office minister says.

  • There's no time to waste.

  • This is a really very serious situation on.

  • We need to proceed carefully and sensitively.

  • That means ensuring that there's a restoration of confidence across all the communities in Northern Ireland and also that we ensure that there is full respect for all dimensions off the bell past Good Friday Agreement on that has to happen quickly very quickly.

  • Downing Street believes a major rescue mission needs to be launched after the you threatened to introduce border checks on the island of Ireland, the very thing Brussels spent four years trying to stop.

  • Ministers insist they are embarking on a genuine attempt to restore trust within Northern Ireland.

  • Others detect a heaven sent opportunity for the U.

  • K Tau water down some of the most difficult aspect off the Brexit divorce.

  • Nationalists are calling for a calm approach.

  • It's important that we all approach this in a cool headed on calm way.

  • Yes, we were disappointed and frustrated by what the European Commission, uh, said it was intending to do last Friday night.

  • But of course it didn't actually dio that it didn't trigger Article 16.

  • Yes, by all means.

  • If the U.

  • K and E you can agree a set of easements on due process is to make the protocol work better.

  • We're up for that.

  • That's great.

  • That's what we want.

  • But let's be absolutely clear.

  • The protocol needs to be upheld.

  • It needs to be made toe work because it's a product of UK government choices on a Brexit academic believes the checks on the Irish Sea are the inevitable consequence off Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

  • What that protocol does is impose the need on checks on goods going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

  • Three.

  • Open question waas.

  • How intrusive those checks would be.

  • That was partly a function of how close the relationship negotiated in the UK you trade deal waas.

  • That's quite a distant relationship, and what we're seeing now is the cumulative effect of the protocol on the trade and cooperation agreement.

  • No doubts about the strength of feeling in Northern Ireland.

  • The dilemmas which bedeviled the Brexit talks have yet to be fully resolved.

a diplomatic shot across the bows.

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Brexit: UK PM prepared to suspend parts of the Brexit trade deal - BBC Newsnight

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