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  • you have, said Chelsea, that you have specific rules for lovemaking when you're with a guy.

  • What, first of all, not to use the term lovemaking that Zaveri old fashioned.

  • Yeah, you are.

  • You are old fashioned.

  • I don't I don't have rules for sex or anything.

  • I mean, I just you know, it should be a man shouldn't talk like, you know you shouldn't like make noises.

  • It's embarrassing.

  • When men make noises, you know women should make noise.

  • Women listen, women can get away.

  • You're lucky that you're getting to have sex with us in the first place, So way should we in the beginning, I'm saying, before you get to know someone, if you haven't been with them for six months or a year, then you know, just keep it to a dull roar like, you know, whatever you're thinking like, I don't like guys making a lot of noise in bed.

  • It's embarrassing for us.

  • It's embarrassing, and it's hard to come back from and faces when I mean you guys all need to go home.

  • Every man should take care of himself in front of a mirror and look at the face that you make when you climax on D.

  • C.

  • Look at what you do, because I don't think you guys know the faces that you're making and you need to look in the mirror.

  • Look at that and see, Is that something I want to take into the bedroom?

  • Because usually, if yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.

  • This'll That's not good.

  • That's no.

  • First of all, you should shut your eyes because my eyes are always open.

  • Oh, that's bad.

  • No one told that it's really bad when you open your eyes is a woman and there's a guy on top and you looking like, Why are you looking at me so close?

  • Shut your eyes.

  • What are your eyes doing open?

  • I am Judge.

  • Why are you judging?

  • I'm checking to make sure that your eyes are closed.

  • When I opened my eyes, I'm checking to make sure.

  • But men, you just made a face that is very I could tell that that is something you do in bed and you could pretend it's not.

  • But it's not.

  • That is my I'm telling you that I do like they do like there's this face that meant go like like I had a boyfriend and I didn't know.

  • It was like, two years.

  • I dated him, and then I opened my eyes.

  • They're doing this.

  • Is his face like Okay.

  • No, that's a That's a Galapagos Sea towards I mean, what are you talking about?

  • Why I said, Hey, buddy, do you wanna go take a look at yourself?

  • Because this isn't making me want to finish what we're doing.

  • And you also need to take your socks off.

  • Everyone needs to take their socks off.

  • Men don't take yourself.

  • I've had that happen twice, and I didn't like it.

  • Okay, so take the socks off and don't have your head.

  • Don't go back and forth like, yeah, And don't way say something If a woman says something in bed and we're a little tipsy and we wanted, like, scream out or not scream out like, say, oh, you know, make a suggestion.

  • And if you don't hear us in the bedroom and we don't know you that well, don't say what don't say like, we're not gonna just flip us over and just act like you heard.

  • Do something.

  • Okay, E mean that I'm just saying men don't understand how to be cooler in bed, and they need to be a little bit cooler.

  • You've been married forever, so I'm sure your wife is already doing a bunch of favors.

  • Well, by continuing to be married to me, I think maybe a huge at least there's no pressure dating you.

  • Chelsea know Thistle is why, Yeah, this is why I have to go abroad.

  • Uh, you say, Is this true that you won't?

  • For a while you were dating older guys.

  • You know yourself.

  • You know it's not fun and older man, I'm done with older man along with older man.

  • They're just not that I was dating two older, like I was getting, like, 20 years older than me.

  • And it's just not fun, because when older men, you know, a man who an older man who drinks is, like, kind of it's kind of gross, you know?

  • It's fun.

  • I like to have a good time.

  • I like to drink.

  • I like to have fun.

  • Do you ever go out with a guy who was in his seventies or eighties?

  • Oh, no.

  • But I've been dating a couple of younger guys, and I like where that's headed.

  • More.

  • You know, I'm not.

  • Yeah, I'm not looking to settle down, so I think why not just survey the land and see what's out there?

  • You know, I'm gonna get a egalitarian.

  • I like big guys.

  • Little guys, black ones, brown ones.

  • That's good.

  • That's good.

  • That's very you're very democratic about it.

  • You're like, yeah, like a U N.

  • Yeah, it's like every time I come on here, we start talking about sex.

  • I don't know if it's you or me or ifit's.

  • Probably not may be a just a creep that's all creep that lives behind that wall.

you have, said Chelsea, that you have specific rules for lovemaking when you're with a guy.

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Chelsea Handler's Rules For Sex - CONAN on TBS

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