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  • I am live here on the digital battle bus right now, but we had a few problems on Sunday.

  • You probably saw us in the news.

  • Some videos went viral because I was out campaigning in a covert Safeway.

  • I was actually alone on a street, talking into my phone, making a video for you as you've seen me before so many times.

  • And all of a sudden five police vans appeared and I was surrounded by 10 city of London police officers.

  • Now, this has never happened to me before.

  • Onda course I had my big Brian for Mayor bus behind me.

  • One of the funniest questions they asked me was, Can I see some identification?

  • And later someone on YouTube commented that all they had to do was look behind me because there's a big piece of identification with my face and my name on it.

  • And so, of course, I understand the police have a difficult job, and I respect them always for the difficult job they have.

  • But this seemed very political because the police stopped us, detained us and find us, and then banned us from campaigning, which I just think is wrong, and I believe this was a political move.

  • And a couple days later, the Metropolitan Police, a different police arms stopped our bus, um, and only allowed it to continue when I wasn't on the bus.

  • And again, this all feels political, Which is why we drafted this letter from my legal team.

  • It's a five page letter that's gone out to the police commissioners in the city that includes Dame Cressida, Dick, Chief Constable Paul Crowther and, of course commissioner Ian Dyson off the all different police departments here.

  • And we said, explain why we are following the letter of the law and why it's important that we campaign because I believe in free and fair elections.

  • I believe in the democratic process.

  • And if you don't know about your candidate, how can you choose on May 6, we've already had ah mayor and City Hall that's been unelected for the past year.

  • Nobody elected him, and he is ruling our city without our vote and consent, and that concerns me, and it concerns me when they don't allow me to campaign.

  • And so I ask that many campaigns and many people, including the Green Party and the Liberal Dem and others actually get out there and campaign alongside of me.

  • We have to do this now.

  • And the elections must happen on May 6.

  • Even if they're by postal vote, it's still very, very important.

  • And we look forward to making that happen.

  • So we are back on the bus.

  • We could be pulled over at any time.

  • I just saw a police van.

  • We think we've been followed a few times by police fans, but so far they're leaving us alone.

  • And we appreciate that because they're respecting our rights to campaign and talked about you.

  • By the way, this bus is a completely 100% covitz secure.

  • It is.

  • It has an antiviral fog that is placed inside this entire bus every single night.

  • Everyone coming on the bus, air temperature checked, they use hand sanitizers.

  • My whole crew is masked up right now.

  • The only reason I'm not wearing a mask is because I'm filming thes air.

  • The same protocols that are being used right now in London on film production sets.

  • So we're using the same protocols again.

  • That's why we should be allowed to continue to campaign in this city.

  • And so I'm excited.

I am live here on the digital battle bus right now, but we had a few problems on Sunday.

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DETAINED, FINED & BANNED ?: Why I Believe This Was A Politically Motivated Stoppage - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/08
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