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  • today we've been in the boroughs of Hackney, Waltham, Forest, Red Bridge, Haven ring and of course, also knew him.

  • So it's been a massive borough tour.

  • I'm looking out my window right now.

  • We've got a beautiful green park behind me.

  • Hopefully you can see a lot of the scenery happening.

  • I was at the Olympic Park today.

  • I was at the big ArcelorMittal tower that they built for the Olympics.

  • The aquatic center was there was absolutely incredible.

  • Of course.

  • We went to the, uh, the London Fields Lido, which is a really big Olympic sized pool, which I actually trained at for my Ironman race in 2018.

  • Actually went there and swam laps and got used to the whole thing.

  • We cruised through new, um where we saw the statue of the World Cup winners of 1966.

  • This is a massive, massive statue.

  • I think it's two times bigger than a human, and it was absolutely beautiful.

  • So thank you knew him for that.

  • And, you know, South Woodford has always been a place in my heart because that's where my wife, Marianna, and my daughter, Gabby, were living when I met them.

  • Gabby was about seven years old at the time, and I used to take the central line from Liverpool Street because I lived in Hackney in Old ST, and I would go out to South Woodford and I would walk and pick up Gabby.

  • And that was our date.

  • It was like me and Gabby.

  • And we would go to Westfield's at the Stratford, uh, tube stop.

  • And we would go in there and it was pretty new at the time.

  • And Gabby and I would go to the food court.

  • I teach you how to play chess.

  • And sometimes I remember we used to buy an outfit for Mom, and Mom was busy, you know, working.

  • She was working, um, in retail on new Bond Street, and she'd come home, and sometimes Gabby and me would bring her, like, a dress or something.

  • So I have really fond memories of these boroughs out here, Uh, great things happening.

  • And, you know, after that, of course, we all became one family.

  • And Gabby and Mariana moved in with me.

  • And, of course, a little bit later.

  • We've got two boys on the way, and that's my story of my family.

  • and it actually starts in the outer boroughs of London.

  • So it's great to be back here.

  • You know, every borough of London is so different, and I think it's important.

  • Is the next mayor of London to remember We've got 32 boroughs in this city and everyone has different challenges no matter where you are.

  • But I know we can find common goals in a way that we can all.

  • We can all find this to be the greatest city in the world.

today we've been in the boroughs of Hackney, Waltham, Forest, Red Bridge, Haven ring and of course, also knew him.

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"Every Borough Has Its Different Challenges" | Visiting London's Boroughs - Brian Rose

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