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  • - The surgery was a success.

  • Your foot and butt will make a full recovery.

  • However, I'd like to keep you overnight

  • just for observation.

  • - Is that really necessary?

  • - Don't worry. You won't be bothered.

  • When we learned you were coming,

  • we moved all the other patients on this floor

  • to the wet basement.

  • If you want the whole building to yourself,

  • we can have them thrown out to the streets.

  • - Hmm. No, they can stay.

  • - Anyways, it'll just be you and Nurse Richard here.

  • - I'll take it from here, Doc.

  • [suspicious music]

  • Mm.

  • - [sighs]

  • - You don't remember me?

  • - I'm afraid I don't.

  • - [laughs]

  • I used to work at Hampton DeVille.

  • Wrote a funny tweet about a hurricane,

  • then you fired me.

  • - If you say so. Now, if you don't--

  • - You know, my life took a real dark turn after that.

  • Started drinking, gambling.

  • I got into dogfighting.

  • Those hounds tore my ass up good.

  • Funny thing is, I blamed you for all of it.

  • I vowed if I ever saw you again,

  • I would do terrible, terrible things to you.

  • Mm.

  • But then I found God.

  • Stitched my ass up, enrolled in nursing school,

  • dedicated my life to helping other people.

  • Now here I am.

  • All 'cause of you.

  • So...

  • thank you.

  • - Glad I was able to help.

  • - You know, when I saw you

  • admitted into the hospital today,

  • I immediately knew

  • that it was all part of God's master plan

  • so that I can do some good

  • and make you pay

  • for all the evil that you've done to the world.

  • - Oh, wait, no, no! What are you doing?

  • Ooh! That's--that's just--

  • - [shushing] - [stuttering incoherently]

  • [cheery music]

  • - [smooches]

  • - Okay. What else?

- The surgery was a success.

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The Scariest Nurse in the Hospital - Corporate

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