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  • take a look at all the teams that are potentially in the quarterback market this offseason.

  • Jacksonville.

  • We know we use the number one overall pick on a quarterback.

  • The Jets could do the same at number two.

  • Chicago has made calls about Carson Wentz, Matthew Stafford.

  • The Colts have done the same thing.

  • Washing football teams in the market.

  • Carolina, we mentioned New England still doesn't have a quarterback.

  • New Orleans Drew Brees likely to retire the Denver Broncos making calls the 40 Niners will see what they do with Gravel.

  • There is a lot of them, and that doesn't even include some other teams, like the Las Vegas Raiders, who also have been getting some calls on their quarterback.

  • Susie.

  • Yeah, there'll be some surprise teams, no doubt Adam or stand by for a second.

  • Let's turn to our Hall of Fame quarterback Steve.

  • When you look at that, I mean, what do you think about not only all that movement, What it means for the position for the future of the position?

  • Well, the game has changed, Susan.

  • We talk about it every week, and it is a quarterback centric, more so than ever.

  • In fact, the unfair fight that being league making safety changes to the rules have allowed the game to become more wide open and a quarterback now the the prototype quarterback is really, you know, somebody who could run.

  • You've got to be able to go to get those extra yards.

  • You got those extra touchdowns every night, every day.

  • You know you have Tom Brady here tonight.

  • If Tom Brady started in 2021 the game's not coming to him.

  • The games coming to Patrick Mahomes.

  • Two.

  • Shawn Watson, Lamar Jackson and that's the future.

  • And so the future quarterback.

  • Every team knows it is all about the quarterback, and I will do irrational things.

  • The Rams were irrational in the past thinking, but in the now thinking into the future, that's now rational.

  • So in my mind, all those teams that needs quarter need quarterbacks.

  • They will almost do anything irrational in the past, rational today.

  • And that's why I think in the next few weeks that's gonna be super exciting.

  • Tow Watch These quarterbacks land because the teams no, like Sean McVeigh knew in the at the Rams.

  • If I get my quarterback and he had Jared Goff you have Jared Goff is like, That's not enough.

  • I want somebody could take me the distance and I'll do anything in the NFL in 2021 to get it.

  • You saw it.

  • You know, to your point, I think the question that all these coaches are asking themselves right now is, Do I have a guy that I can win with or do I have a guy that we can win?

  • He can be the reason that we win.

  • And if you don't have a guy like this, Shawn Watson, Patrick Mahomes, that can be the reason you win.

  • We don't have to scheme for you.

  • We don't have to cut the feeling half.

  • We don't have to hold your hand and walk you to the middle of the field, But I can give you a play and you can make plays happen.

  • If you don't have that guy, every team in the NFL is looking to upgrade now.

  • They are every teams looking at the chief seen a great, innovative mind like Andy Reid, and they get the full measure of Andy Reid because of the quarterback they have.

  • So Sean McVeigh, Kyle Shanahan, Sean Payton, they're all gonna be looking for.

  • You know, Frank Reich, all of them are gonna be looking for the guy that gives them the full measure of the coach that I am, right?

  • I'll go the distance to get that guy.

  • But a big, big part of it is that marriage and Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are the perfect marriage.

  • But what about Watson?

  • Specifically?

  • I mean, obviously is phenomenal player.

  • He'd be great anywhere.

  • But what would you see is the perfect fit.

  • Shawn Watson.

  • I mean, in the 2020 there's gonna be five guys that we look back and go.

  • Those are the guys, the quarterbacks, that really made a difference.

  • He's gonna be one of them if the Houston Texans let him go.

  • I'm telling you, they should be locked off the NFL franchise list.

  • They should have to go.

  • You re apply somewhere else.

  • But if they do let him go places anyone would take the Shawn Watson in the 2020 the quarterback position.

  • He is like Patrick Mahomes, the perfect person.

  • Well, you talk about places he could go places that really have jobs open right now.

  • Indianapolis.

  • The job is open their New Orleans.

  • Are they going to really be married to Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston?

  • He's a difference maker.

  • He's a guy you could put on a couple of teams, the Saints and Indie, and they may be in this game next year because he is that good.

  • But it doesn't sound like they want to trade him.

  • I don't think they want to, but I think the Shawn Watson might have the upper hand now, and I think that's very rare for a player to have that.

  • But I think the fans and everyone else to recognize that he's probably put him in a spot that's very unusual for big time quarterbacks that I actually couldn't do this without being toxic or, you know, somehow poisoning the well to get me out of town.

  • He actually might pull it off and in San Francisco is another place they have got to answer.

  • The Matthew Stafford trade well in San Francisco is a team that if you put the Shawn Watson on with that running game with Kyle Shanahan, there are a few playmakers at the head coaching offensive coordinator position in our game, McVeigh, Sean Payton, guys that can take the quarterback and raise him to another level, even when he's already great.

  • And that's one of them.

  • Out in San Francisco.

  • Watson on a lot of those teams you named him next year.

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take a look at all the teams that are potentially in the quarterback market this offseason.

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