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  • in three of his last four, the Raptors led by 2/4 quarter.

  • They're down four.

  • Seattle with the steal pushes to Kyle Larry, who's feeling it from three in this contest.

  • Raptors, down one under four minutes ago, wraps down to Larry again, just confident back there.

  • Six and nine from distance in this contest.

  • Now as Larry is pouring it on, Durant tweeting Free me interesting again.

  • A confusing night.

  • Raptors up one.

  • There's over three minutes ago.

  • Same score.

  • Larry pulling up.

  • He had 30 points in this contest.

  • Raptors up four under.

  • Two minutes to go.

  • They're up.

  • Three.

  • Norman Powell saves it.

  • His swing it.

  • Fred Van.

  • Coming off that game, we had 54 points.

  • A franchise record gets it to go.

  • Raptors Winning this one here is James Harden on the Katie situation.

  • I was frustrated, especially, you know, You know, we followed the protocols.

  • We get tested, you know, every single day.

  • Um, so I don't understand the whole thing where he didn't he couldn't play.

  • And then he came on the court and then they took him back.

  • It was just a lot going on.

  • Is too much going on.

  • It's kind of overwhelming, especially when we're in the midst of ah, uh, tough game And like, these games are gonna add up, especially if we're talking about playoff seeding we're talking about, you know, positioning our ourselves and no Teoh, you know, home court advantage and whatnot and catching rhythm and all that, you know.

  • So I feel like I don't know.

  • I don't know.

  • It's just it's overwhelming.

  • It's frustrating.

  • Um, yeah.

  • Alright, Adrian Ward Danowski joining us now see herd James Harden.

  • They're calling it a frustrating situation.

  • Kevin Durant tweeting during the game.

  • Clearly he was frustrated.

  • I would say it's a confusing situation.

  • What won't What happened?

  • Walk us through this.

  • Well, there was a Nasasira Kevin Durant, someone who had spent time with and had been around earlier today who returned it inconclusive, uh, test for the coronavirus.

  • Um, this afternoon, you know, initially, the nets and the league pulled him about 15 minutes before tip off, but because the test was inconclusive, the league allowed him to go back into the game shortly after tip off.

  • And then when that individual later in the evening returned a positive test for the coronavirus that Kevin Durant was pulled out of the game.

  • I'm told now he will not travel with the Nets to Philadelphia.

  • The Nets play the Sixers on Saturday night there, and now Kevin Durant goes back into contact tracing, and they'll spend time evaluating the amount of time he spent the proximity to this person.

  • It cost him four games about a month ago in contact.

  • Tracing.

  • Remember, he had the virus back in March.

  • Still had the antibody sport a month ago, but large.

  • A large part of the confusion tonight was allowing him and pulling him, initially putting him in the game.

  • Um, when it was just an inconclusive test and the question and James Harden asked it after.

  • And I think it was being asked within the Nets if Kevin Durant was in the locker room with his teammates after potential exposure to that individual, Should the Nets have played that game at all?

  • And so those are all questions, um, that I think they're gonna have to work through the league and the Nets and and to really understand what happened and if, uh, if things played out as they should have happened with the protocols, the league has in place.

  • Well, we know there's no playbook on this, each situation very unique.

  • However, this less than ideal.

  • There's no doubt about that.

  • Thank you, Coach.

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in three of his last four, the Raptors led by 2/4 quarter.

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