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  • right.

  • Explain this.

  • From what I know, he's don't believe he'll he'll come to Philly.

  • But I I don't think that he necessarily they've decided it's ah, you know, it's just a contact tracing procedure, and I think that what it's to be determined how much time you have to miss.

  • But we're just gathering information.

  • Felt this with the game itself.

  • What was what was most disappointed and crunch time in those crucial minutes down the structure was most disappointing in the lack of execution that you saw.

  • Yeah, you know this stuff they didn't.

  • You know, Nick's a great coach.

  • He does a great job, you know, picking up the game defensively.

  • So we try to keep it really simple.

  • Um, be miss some open looks.

  • And Lowry made some big shots and we gave up offensive rebounds and turned them all over.

  • And you add it all up and they found separation last couple minutes.

  • So just a bit pointing close to the game and we'll learn from it.

  • We'll get better by this, like Andrews, ESPN.

  • Hi, Steve.

  • To what degree was was this distracting at all trying to kind of juggle keeping up with all this information.

  • On the one hand, how much of it were you kind of trying to retain?

  • And how much was it like?

  • You know what I do on this with Kevin until after the game?

  • If I'm honest, I probably didn't handle it.

  • Great.

  • Just tryingto juggle all those balls.

  • All the different information.

  • What does it mean?

  • I probably got a little distracted about thinking what it means long term for our team.

  • You know, we we've already been playing guys a lot of minutes, and Kevin's not playing.

  • Are we gonna run the remaining guys too many minutes?

  • And so maybe I got a little bit distracted by the big picture and, you know, but that's the way this year is gonna be.

  • We're gonna be in and out of covert situations minute.

  • So, yeah, pile ups and and all the difficulties that we're gonna face this year, and it's gonna be the similar for everyone.

  • So we just have to try to adapt and, you know, be able to bounce back from little setbacks like this.

  • Unfortunately, couldn't bounce back to win the game.

  • We gotta bail to bounce next week and play well and keep getting better.

  • Brian Lewis, New York Post.

  • Hey, Steve, I understand that this is ongoing, and you're going through this now.

  • But I mean, are you expecting a similar situation to what haven't had the last time?

  • Or are you waiting on this calculus that the N ba has to determine how many days were looking at?

  • That's a good question.

  • I'm not really sure.

  • I hope it Zamora of to be determined situation and a situation where it's one week, Um, you know, quarantine or whatever you wanna call it.

  • You know, he No, I hope that obviously, we don't lose him for the week.

  • I'm not sure exactly right now what's going to come of this, And I think we're still trying to filter what kind of information we can gather tonight and the type of parameters around the decision.

  • Laura Albanese News Day Steve, I was just curious.

  • Do you have some clarity in terms of what changed that allowed Kevin to actually get back in the game because I know the first test was inconclusive, but did anything change after that?

  • That said, Okay, now he's safe to go, and I believe there was a bunch of they continued to test to try to gain clarity.

  • And I think there was no there was a positive test.

  • There was like a negative test.

  • There was an inconclusive test.

  • I think you add it all up.

  • It was misleading for a moment, and that's why he was allowed to play and then continued to test right to gather more data and and the last test was positive.

  • So I think that was the final straw that pulled him out of the game.

  • But I don't want to say too much because I'm not, you know, my head spending a little bit from all the parameters of Kevin situation, but also trying to coach our team and a shifting landscape.

  • Alex Schiffer, athletic for you, Evan was now order.

  • Correct.

  • How quickly or how What was part of start?

  • No.

  • Sorry.

  • No, I haven't spoke to him since the game.

  • I found out basically, as we were going out on the court coaches.

  • So a few minutes before tip Um, e think that answer your question.

  • Obviously, he was in a time out in the third quarter where they early in the third quarter, where he was done for the night.

  • So you know, I was until I haven't spoken since Christian Winfield, New York Daily News coaches.

  • It pertains to the turnovers.

  • I mean, we're those byproduct of the Raptors defense for those carelessness, a little bit of both.

  • And then Planet gets a team that's so active, like the Raptors on defense.

  • Is that kind of reaffirm where you guys need to go on that end of the floor?

  • Well, we could always use more activity, for sure, but they're an experienced group that's played together, obviously won a championship with most of these guys.

  • So they had corporate knowledge and that collective experience they could change.

  • Defense is on us and eso part of it.

  • You gotta give them credit.

  • Part of it.

  • We just made some plays, Uh, you know that we're careless and the other part of it was we just maybe didn't finish opportunities down the stretch, and Lowry made some really big shots.

  • So you add it all up and it's a loss, but a lot to learn from it.

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Steve Nash opens up on Kevin Durant situation after loss to Raptors | NBA on ESPN

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