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  • so the water later on air and land impacts.

  • It's the environment that we're talking about the whole environment, so business as usual is is an interesting term.

  • But nothing is business as usual.

  • Then, since you mentioned Dr Bureau, Dr Bill, let me ask you this.

  • The IAEA's 2019 energy policy review for the United States recommends that it says is the United States is poised for further production growth over the coming decade.

  • Facilitating the build out of supporting infrastructure will be a key factor to maximize the benefits of shale both at home and abroad.

  • So, on balance, would you agree that the construction of natural gas pipelines LNG export terminals here in the United States is a good thing for the United States, for the world and for the environment?

  • Yes, the U S.

  • LNG, especially where it is exported to Asia.

  • As I said a few minutes ago, a Zoff This last two months, the biggest buyer off US challenges China, by the way, on other Asian countries, when it replaces call, it reduces the emissions.

  • But once again, it is important that the maintain emissions in the United States need to be addressed and minimize otherwise.

  • Soon there may be some challenges to find the customers as they may look maintained footprint off the U.

  • S.

  • LNG so.

  • But in general it can help to reduce the emissions from coal and also have the reduce the air pollution in the cities in Asia.

  • Let me ask you, since the I e.

  • A was understand created, uh, to ensure the security of energy supplies, particularly oil, the United States is now the world's largest producer of crude oil and natural gas.

  • On balance, has the emergence of the United States as the top oil and gas producer increased the stability and security of global energy markets?

  • Definitely.

  • Yes.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you, Mr Chairman.

  • And with that, we'll say I want to thank all the witnesses.

  • You all been wonderful.

  • I appreciate the time you've spent to come here in person, but also those on the on the web appreciate very much your sharing with us, your expertise.

  • And we're gonna be calling on you much, much more during this congress.

  • With that, members have until the close of business tomorrow to submit additional questions for record.

  • The committee stands adjourned.

  • Yeah.

so the water later on air and land impacts.

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