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  • it is perplexing because my understanding is Chris Paul pushed for this.

  • So if Chris Paul is pushing for it, Stephen, is it possible that it took LeBron James unawares?

  • I don't think so.

  • You would think that if Chris Paul is pushing for it, LeBron, it would be on LeBron James radar, but I guess we'll find out about that.

  • When I heard the air in Fox's comments, I'm like, calm down.

  • You know it's stupid to have an All Star Game play the All Star Game.

  • But such is LeBron James status in the sport that when he starts complaining, I start thinking, Wait a minute.

  • He practically speaks for the players.

  • You know, you hear players on other teams saying, If LeBron does something and what's interesting to me, here is the N B A.

  • And the players union have really shown the rest of the sports world what cooperation looks like through this entire pandemic.

  • They've been really good partners.

  • So when LeBron airs this grievance publicly, he's saying, you know, short off season compact season.

  • We were told we were going to get five games off in the middle, and now all of a sudden that's taken away.

  • It sounds like it surprised him.

  • And what I'm interested in finding out is is that possible?

  • That what happened because his relationship with Chris Paul has been such that if Chris Paul is indeed, as I've heard one of the forces behind the All Star Game being played, where he and LeBron odds behind closed doors and this is how LeBron responding, I think more reporting has to come out, you know, on this topic, well, I will say this where the n ba I don't if if he's absolutely it appears he is.

  • The NBA doesn't have a leg to stand on in one respect.

  • If you told them there wasn't gonna be an All Star game and now you've changed your bilaterally, that's a problem.

  • That's a problem.

  • But it seems like Chris Paul is pushing for it.

  • The perception is this is not unilateral.

  • Our partners want to do this.

  • That that's fair.

  • That's fair.

  • You're right, and that's something that you know.

  • I gotta ask Chris Paul about that because that's that's an answer.

  • That's an answer that we all need to know, because again, if LeBron doesn't know about it, that doesn't make any sense or if LeBron didn't know about it.

  • And he's just the storms disagreement with Chris, Paul and Chris Paul is moving forward anyway.

  • And all of this is at the behest of Chris Paul because obviously, HBCU are incredibly important to him.

  • And in full, in the interest of full disclosure myself is, well, Chris Paul and are collaborating on a on A project, uh, in regards to hbc use.

  • I mean, both of us are executive producing.

  • A project is coming up in the, uh in a couple of weeks or so.

  • So definitely I'm sensitive to that.

  • I understand it.

  • I completely support anything that's gonna help project.

  • Well, you know, why not us?

  • It's a project that's gonna be is we're gonna focus on the basketball program in North Carolina Central University, and Coach Motor is a fabulous coach and a great statesman for the game of basketball.

  • But we're just gonna highlight some of the challenges that take place in the HBCU program, and it's gonna be airing later this month.

  • Is gonna be, uh, is gonna be several episodes to it, like six or seven different episodes.

  • So we're looking forward to doing that.

  • And both of us are executive producers on that project.

  • I will just tell you that those things are incredibly important.

  • And I applaud if that's the agenda.

  • Obviously the Garner interest.

  • What have you in HBC use and covert 19 relief?

  • But in the same breath that I say that LeBron disagreeing with him is one thing.

  • LeBron being blindsided about something in this entirely different matter.

  • And if neither is the truth and this is really about something that the NBA wants, and it's inconsistent with what the NBA initially told them before the season started, then you could understand where LeBron is coming from.

  • And that's what appears to be the case.

  • E don't know, because I haven't spoken to anybody about your reporting.

  • Just is that the Aaron Fox and you pointed it out.

  • Is one case very different from LeBron theory?

  • Fox is a young star who does not play deep into the season.

  • What's the season's over?

  • He's going home right on def.

  • He, if he does get to the playoffs, ain't gonna last for long, so that that part of the players union, because not everyone in the players union has the exact same interest.

  • They're not a monolith.

  • People have different interest depends depending on where they are in their career.

  • But a guy like the Aaron Fox says, I don't want this.

  • And a dude on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • LeBron has been around forever and plays deep into the playoffs every year also doesn't want it.

  • That suggests, at least on the surface, that the union that various members of the union with different interests didn't want.

  • And there maybe it gives him in the union about that issue and we don't know.

  • Like I said, I haven't spoken in.

  • So this is one of those rare occasions when it comes to the MBA.

  • I don't know any more than you, because I haven't spoken to anybody about this as of yet, because I just sort of sound from LeBron Last night.

  • I didn't call anybody this morning, s so I don't know about it.

  • But all of those things are legitimate questions.

  • Yeah, I didn't I don't I don't know that I will talk to Chris Paul eventually.

  • I will ask him about that because that's something we all need to know because it will really, really defined.

  • You know whether LeBron is right or wrong on this matter in terms of how things were handled in terms of the information that he's received in the timing upon which he received those nuggets of information.

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it is perplexing because my understanding is Chris Paul pushed for this.

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Was LeBron blindsided by the NBA moving forward with the All-Star Game in Atlanta? | First Take

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