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  • previously on episodes one and two thin This four episodes.

  • Siri's.

  • We're taking a four day road trip, starting at Chubu International Airport and making our way through Nagoya and the surrounding prefectures.

  • So join me, Raina on, as we continue on Day three, off a road trip from the coast to the peaks off central Japan.

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Day three.

  • Anyways, today we head west to in Hama, a city north of Nagoya.

  • Two seeds Castle, then Tamino to learn more about Japanese washi paper before heading further north to Okada in the Japanese Alps, where will spend the night in a rustic Japanese in E in a Hamas most famous for its castle in Oyama Castle, which is one of only 12 castles with the main keep that has survived since the feudal era.

  • Designated a national treasure in Oyama Castle offers visitors and opportunity to see traditional castle design up close and in spring transforms to become a popular cherry blossom viewing spot.

  • The former castle town lies at the base of the castle, and its look has been preserved from the 16th century.

  • I'm standing here in Nagoya, Me T oranaga, street, which used to connect Maggie Castle, which we saw on day one to Yama Castle, which we're gonna see today.

  • The streets still retains a lot of his charms with lots of traditional buildings on its left and right.

  • Yeah, many of the shops in the Castle town sell popular local snacks and souvenirs while in a, um, a castle looks small and compact from the outside.

  • There are actually six floors inside behind me.

  • You know, um, a castle, Japan's oldest castle E.

  • Here, the view from the top.

  • It's pretty nice.

  • So let's go inside and take a look.

  • Several quirks and highlights make visiting in Hayama Castle a fun experience for all.

  • For example, did you know that one side of the castle on the first floor above ground is not laid out at a 90 degree angle, and some of the stones in the stone walls contain shirt trivia side?

  • One of the best things that you know I am a castle is the top floor, which has a balcony going all around that offers panoramic views.

  • On a good day, you can even see the skyscrapers of Nagoya, about 25 kilometers away from here I get back in my car and drive to Mino in Gifu Prefecture.

  • The city is known for producing Japanese washi paper, which is a traditional craft, and Mina Washi has been highly regarded for centuries.

  • I'm here at the Minot Washing Museum, and I'm super excited to be making my own Japanese washi paper.

  • So stay tuned.

  • A tit speak.

  • There are about 5000 washing companies, but only about 30 remain today.

  • Wow, she is made the traditional way here, and it's users have broadened to match the modern times.

  • Here, the Mina Washy Museum way get to learn about the history of Mina washy and how the local paper is made as well as try making washy.

  • There's several types of wash a paper and a pick one to make three.

  • Activity takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and after that I could choose to further embellished my washing at home.

  • Tana, my completed piece.

  • After that visit to the washing museum, I get back on the road and make my way to the mountains.

  • Oh, Qaida is a remote and mountainous region located in the Japanese Alps, and the area is known for its hot springs, rustic atmosphere and mountain scenery.

  • One of the best ways to enjoy the area is to stay overnight at radio com, a traditional Japanese inn.

  • After a nice hot spring bath, I'm ready for dinner.

  • The Rogan I'm staying at serves a robot, a hockey dinner, which I'm looking forward to Look at the spread in front of me.

  • I'm especially excited to try this, which is grilled over the Choco Yakima, please.

  • Hmm.

  • Mhm Well, is this show?

  • But it s a me.

  • And that was Day three of a four day road trip through Central Japan.

  • Be sure to join us on Episode four as we continue on the last day of our trip.

  • Taking a rope way to an elevation of about 2000 m, going on a beautiful driving road and visiting a few sake breweries e For more information about this trip or to watch another video, click the links on the screen now or head over to japan Gheit dot com Your comprehensive up to date travelguide firsthand from Japan.

  • Thanks for watching.

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previously on episodes one and two thin This four episodes.

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