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  • everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • our question today is how do i pronounce the word poem

  • a type of writing to express emotions with

  • typically in a pattern poet and poetry here are the words

  • poem poet and poetry let's look at syllable number one

  • for all of these words since it is exactly the same

  • so to start all of these words we're going to start with

  • po to do that you're going to press your lips together

  • and then open them and move to a pucker for that long

  • o po po po

  • then for words one and two poem and poet we're only going to have two syllables

  • this does get a little confusing um a lot of my students just think this

  • is poem and pot because typically when we have two

  • vowels together we only say one but in this case we're going to

  • break that into two syllables so we have po um and this word

  • uha sound relaxed mouth very short vowel

  • and then close your lips for that and the air is going to move through the

  • nose poem poem poem now for

  • poet just think about ending that word with it i t it

  • it and to do this relaxed mouth short vowel tongue is higher in

  • the mouth and relaxed and flat it and that by touching the tip of the

  • tongue to the back of the top front teeth

  • it poet poet poet so again we have

  • poem and poet now for poetry everybody's favorite the

  • schwa sound is in the middle of this word to

  • say the schwa syllable this syllable is going to be super short

  • the shortest syllable in the word and you were just going to say the uh

  • sound super relaxed mouth super short vowel and then end with the

  • word tree and to do this touch the tip of the

  • tongue to the back of the top front teeth

  • and then move to square tense lips with the tongue either pointed down

  • or flipped back to that r and then smile for the long e

  • tree tree tree you can see and you've probably

  • learned this tip if you've been my student for a while

  • i have my lips in that square tense shape

  • for that r sound as i start my t so that i'm ready

  • tree tree tree po a tree poa

  • tree poetry poetry poetry so we have

  • poem poet and poetry and now for a sentence

  • poetry is beautiful especially the poem by the young poet give it a try

  • people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

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  • our classes at udemy and everything else on tarle speech thanks everyone

everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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A2 poet poem tree syllable relaxed short vowel

How to Pronounce POEM, POET, POETRY - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/02/05
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