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  • Yeah.

  • All right.

  • We are back on the bus today.

  • Out on the campaign trail, we're going Thio, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow And, of course, Brent.

  • Super excited.

  • We're dropping by a few food banks to give a little bit of charity.

  • We're also gonna be stopping in some major landmarks, and also I'll be broadcast and from the back of the bus, the digital studio.

  • So make sure you tune in live today on instagram on YouTube, on periscope on Facebook and asked me a question.

  • I literally read your questions out, live on my live broadcast and talk about issues we're facing here in London.

  • You know, every borough is unique, and each burrow has a unique challenge, which is why I'm on the road.

  • We've got I think 17 burrows down, 18 burrows to go.

  • We can't be stopped.

  • We won't be stopped.

  • As you know, the police detained us and find us and banned us from campaigning last Sunday.

  • But we don't think that it's fair.

  • We believe in the democratic process, and we demand free and fair elections on May 6.

  • So that's why we're back here.

  • Out on the road, we're risking detention and arrested any moment.

  • But we think what we're doing is right.

  • And of course, we do it all in a covert safe manner so super excited today to come out and see you.

  • Make sure you leave me a question below tune in.

  • And, of course, ask our current mayor.

  • Why won't you debate Brian Rose?

  • We're still waiting from him for a time and a place on the debate.

  • I am ready to do it anytime, anywhere.

  • Anyhow.

  • Let's make this debate happened.

  • Let's get the facts out there so you can decide.

  • May 6.

  • We got 94 days left.

  • Let's make this happen.

  • I will see you live on the digital battle bus.


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