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  • we got money.

  • All prints on Instagram saying question.

  • What will be your three key decisions as the mayor of London?

  • Great.

  • I love this cold question.

  • I've never heard that question before.

  • First of all obvious one housing.

  • We've got to get this affordable housing bill.

  • That's gonna be one of my number one priority's.

  • And I know we could do it.

  • 50,000 new homes by Christmas, 2021 period.

  • Second, we've got to get London back toe work.

  • If we don't strengthen the economy, nothing will be strengthened.

  • We need to find safe and effective ways to get the city back toe work while protecting our vulnerable and our elderly.

  • We need a mayor that find solutions, not a mayor that causes panic and wants to scare you.

  • We need a mayor who cares about the citizens and cares about business on.

  • That's what we need to do.

  • The third thing I wanna dio is make our streets safe.

  • You know, we've just had the current mayor, uh, just logged his 100 teenage murder on his watch.

  • That's unacceptable.

  • That's unacceptable.

  • There are policies we could be put in place right now through investing in our community's putting more police on the streets we could solve.

  • This problem is getting worse and worse and worse on the current mayor's watch.

  • Imagine three more years of this.

  • Where will knife crime be in 2024 under Sadiq Khan.

  • I don't even want to imagine I can't even imagine my Children walking on the streets with that.

  • So those are my top three priorities.

  • Great question.

we got money.

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MY TOP 3️⃣ DECISIONS: The Changes I Will Make When I Become Your Next Mayor Of London - Brian Rose

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