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  • you and ah, young gentleman, a struggling actor named Aaron.

  • Paul Have a mescal together.

  • Dose hombres?

  • Yes.

  • And tell me what it's like.

  • What's the process like of picking?

  • You mean you guys?

  • Did you go through a process of tasting a million mess calls to make sure that you got the one that said, this is us.

  • This is what we believe in is exactly right.

  • Aaron loves a strong scotch, slap you in the face kind of drink.

  • I I like to be seduced, and I when I taste something, is like my art or architecture.

  • I like to be What is that?

  • And be drawn in.

  • But I don't wanna be abused.

  • So we had to find one juice that appeal to both of our tastes and also embraces it.

  • And you know what?

  • This is available everywhere.

  • We didn't, uh, while you brought this, Did you bring?

  • I did.

  • I brought that.

  • And this is just for me alone?

  • Yeah, Go ahead.

  • Swig it.

  • Oh, that's very good.

  • Actually, that is very good.

  • That that is.

  • You know what it is?

  • It's smooth.

  • Okay.

  • You might want to ease up a little bit on that You know what?

  • We're actually taping us a 12.

  • 30 in the afternoon.

  • Yeah, so, um, you really dio, uh you go strong on that I commit, which has always made me a terrific potential actor.

  • Yeah, I'm a little concerned about you right now, though.

  • Can you?

  • Should be.

  • You should be, Uh this is very, very good.

  • And have you had this?

  • Yeah.

  • Aaron brought it to the show a while ago, and it's delicious.

  • It's really good.

  • We are.

  • Andy and I are so cheap that we won't go out and buy this wonderful Miskell.

  • We just keep either booking you or Aaron.

  • You always bring it on at the minute it gets low, we reach out again regardless.

  • Last time Aaron wasn't even pushing anything.

  • He was like, I don't have a I'm not pushing anything like you've got to come.

  • We've got to talk to you.

  • And you should probably bring some dos hombres bring the dos hombres because we're running low.

  • Um, and do you want some?

  • I'll get some.

  • After we're done, C e was gonna pass it down to you.

  • You are the biggest piece of shit.

  • I'm telling you.

  • You really you know, you gotta dio What?

  • What?

  • God's given you got what you gotta work with.

  • My dad told me when I was young.

  • You're a piece of shit, and I'm like, Yeah, he's not.

  • I'm gonna be the best piece of I think that's called Leaning in.

  • Yeah, leaning into it.

you and ah, young gentleman, a struggling actor named Aaron.

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Conan Refuses To Buy Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston's Mezcal - CONAN on TBS

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