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  • Who do you think s'more important for Mahomes?

  • Do you think it's Travis, Kelsey or Tyree Kill?

  • It's Travis Kelsey for a number of reasons.

  • Number one Tyree Kill burnt them so bad the first time they played.

  • They will never put him in single coverage.

  • You're going to have to bracket Tyree guilt throughout the game, period.

  • But and that means you're gonna have to get pressure with four.

  • They're going to try as we know.

  • But here's the thing.

  • And this is why Travis Kelsey in this game is more important.

  • The offensive lines a mess.

  • Andy Reid has all five guys practicing at all five positions on the line because they're thin, they're and they're missing their two best players Pro Bowl tackles on either side.

  • Right?

  • So what does that mean?

  • As far as Travis Kelsey is concerned, well, if you know they're gonna be you're gonna spend extra resource is trying to contain Tyree kill, and you know you're going to need help on the line.

  • That means Travis Kelsey is gonna have to do a whole lot of stuff.

  • He's gonna have to help in many facets of the game.

  • He's gonna have to help the offensive lineman block so that Mahomes has some time.

  • Like think of that Bucks defensive front who they're gonna be sending.

  • Vita is back within dominant Sue in the middle, you got the edge rushers, linebackers and defensive ends coming at you.

  • Jpp and Shaquille Barrett, right?

  • He's gonna have to help there.

  • He's gonna have to help in the run game.

  • He's going to have to block, and he's going to have to catch passes likely as Patrick Mahomes Primary weapon.

  • He's also a red zone threat.

  • Travis Kelsey is going to have to be.

  • Mahomes is chief weapon in order for the Chiefs to win.

  • Well, I don't I disagree with that.

  • I think that Travis Kelsey will end up benefiting from the fact that, as prime time Dion Sanders came on my show Steven Hayes World yesterday and articulated Yo, these cornerbacks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  • They're having nightmares, he said.

  • You know that.

  • I mean, you got maids working overtime for crying out loud because you know, these guys are tossing and turning all week long, thinking about how to defend Tyreek Hill, the man that had 207 yards seven receptions and two touchdowns in the first quarter against them, who backpedaled in for one touchdown and back flipped.

  • And for another, this dude was absolutely, positively toy.

  • Toying with them, Not to mention after he did a backflip, he landed on his knees and lean back and posed.

  • He was mocking them.

  • He was humiliating them.

  • This is how bad this brother is.

  • And if you have to come, if you have to literally focused on him, which you dio, obviously that's going to take some of the pressure off in the middle of the field.

  • With Travis Kelsey is going toe live.

  • You're gonna have to find a way to deal with him, no question.

  • But it's gonna be because you're prioritizing dealing with Tyreek Hill because this dude is cat quick.

  • He's the cheater for a reason and that he is unguardable.

  • You cannot defend them one on one.

  • I don't think they could defend them and double coverage, and you saw just what what was It was against Buffalo Max.

  • Did you see when they just throw a little past him and what he's able to slant, he's got with a little slip.

  • He's all over the field.

  • You can't defend him, and I believe because of that, that makes him the most lethal weapon the Kansas City Chiefs have in this game because he has instilled panic and fear in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and as a result, is in a position to compromise anything they want to do defensively.

  • That's why he's the guy.

  • He is the most important weapon for Patrick Mahomes, even if he's a decoy.

  • Yeah, man, Max, I wanted to agree with you because I I understand everything you said about Kelsey.

  • The Onley delineation I make is the fact that they could get to re kill the ball without having to protect right all of those jets.

  • Sweet motions.

  • They put him in the back field.

  • The usage like the things that he creates for the guys around him because of the speed.

  • We could talk about his talent.

  • But I'm talking about the usage like I understand the impact.

  • I literally have a tape on Travis Kelsey being the influencer toe.

  • Open up things for guys.

  • But it's just the multitude of ways that you can get Tyreek Hill the ball and he can break the game open We get enamored with the 200 yards receiving in the first quarter against the Bucks, but we forget about the reverse is we?

  • Forget about the Jets.

  • We motions.

  • We forget how they use them in the backfield to run defenders crazy way before they even snapped the football and create that all of those type of situations for Patrick Mahomes and then the ability to uncover Travis Kelsey is the security blanket for Patrick Mahomes.

  • But Tyreek Hill is the home run hitter when he improvises and goes off script and putting the ball in the end zone.

  • So look, this may be one of the hardest questions I've had on first take ever because both of these dudes influence and impact how they play offense.

  • I just think how they use Tyreke makes him the most important weapon.

  • Tyree killed the homes in the Kansas City.

  • Tyree kills yards after catch.

  • A ridiculous.

  • You're right.

  • He doesn't have to get all the way down the field to to kill you.

  • But Travis Kelsey is even a weapon there because that little extra time that Mahomes is gonna need Travis Kelsey is responsible there when they run the ball.

  • Travis Kelsey is gonna have responsibility there in as the safety blanket.

  • Like you said, he has responsibility there and in the red zone.

  • When it's time to score touchdowns, Travis Kelsey is a major target.

  • He's gonna influence the game at every level of the offense if the Chiefs wanna win.

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Who do you think s'more important for Mahomes?

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Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce: Who is Mahomes' most important weapon in Super Bowl LV? | First Take

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