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  • of course.

  • You hear this all the time, but you're allotted for your acting ability.

  • One of the things that I find most incredible about what you're able to do is you're one of the funniest performers that I've seen.

  • And you're also able to, as we all know, just nail drama.

  • And I'm wondering, what is your secret weapon?

  • What do you think is your secret weapon in your acting career?

  • What have you got?

  • What have you got that you can always rely on?

  • Is there something about your face that you think helps you?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I have that kind of resting face that is has scorn and anger, and, you know, I mean, it's just Yes.

  • Well, look of consternation and intensity.

  • Oh, yeah, Yeah.

  • I don't think anybody has the consternation phase that Well, I take that back because you had Clint Eastwood got me and and Harrison Ford, perhaps.

  • And but I'm consternation in my resting face.

  • Look here, recipe.

  • No emotion, thinking of anything consternation, right?

  • There s O So I look, I look that already like Then you enter a real dilemma.

  • And, boy, it just compounds And people think that I'm I'm actually thinking of something, and I'm like, right now I'm talking to you.

  • I'm actually thinking of lunch.

  • So you're not engaged in this interview out at all?

  • You haven't thought about anything I've said.

  • You haven't even listened to me.

  • I did listen to you when I first got here and you said Hey, good to see you.

  • Yeah.

  • And then after that, you've been checked out.

  • You're such a good actor that you appear to be engaged in this interview.

  • But now you're telling us you're somewhere else.

  • You're not even here at this moment.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Say, let's let it go.

  • You You're a bad man.

  • People need to know that.

  • What?

  • Well, you know what I mean.

  • I want to say bad.

of course.

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Bryan Cranston: Consternation Is My Resting Face - CONAN on TBS

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