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  • Wizards have no time outs.

  • 10 seconds left.

  • Nets up by five, Beale launches.

  • He's got a three 1, 46 1 44 and a steal.

  • Westbrook.

  • Oh, he's got it.

  • A three.

  • Washington goes up by one time out.

  • Brooklyn catastrophe for the Nets.

  • Is your shoe in for the Eastern Conference champions?

  • That's the team you keep saying is going to the NBA Finals.

  • Stephen A.

  • The Net.

  • What's wrong with you?

  • Nothing's wrong with me.

  • Nothing at all.

  • Then that's lost the game last night on the road.

  • It's a long season.

  • You don't overreact to one loss in January.

  • It happens.

  • You don't go five point lead in the last 12 seconds of a game.

  • So the Washington Wizards, 13 or 12 then that gave up 149 points.

  • E.

  • That's the worst team they work.

  • They're worse than the Washington weapons.

  • Then that's the worst team in basketball.

  • That's right, I said.

  • It sounds ridiculous.

  • It was one game the Nets didn't have James Harden last night.

  • You really think they would have lost of the Wizards of James Harden was playing, they would have scored 161 by double digits.

  • And you wanna be bothering me right now?

  • They gave up 149 e didn't have to tell you this.

  • I'm the baby after all.

  • You should notice, but defense wins championships.

  • Stephen, a defense thing that can't play it can't play tha next won't get out of the first round.

  • You don't need to play great defense when you can outscore everybody when you have three of the best offensive talent in the world and their defense will get better by the playoffs.

  • Don't worry about that.

  • Relax.

  • Calm down.

  • Their defense will get better by the playoff.

  • Got even.

  • Steven.

  • Steve Nash.

  • Si.

  • That's gonna fix that.

  • Even my dad.

  • My dad.

  • Tony, I'm gonna fix the defense.

  • I'm a baby, and even I'm not that naive.

  • Have you lost your mind?

  • No, I have it.

  • You lost your mind underestimating the tea with Cady Carry and James Harden, Who in the East is gonna outscore them four times in a seven game series?

  • Tell me who's gonna beat them?

  • The six is the team with Ben Simmons on the perimeter isn't going to outscore them.

  • The bucks and the Celtics are barely about 500.

  • Yet you conveniently failed to mention them while you're trying to slander the Nets that he might not even make the damn players.

  • Who's gonna beat the Nets?

  • Who's gonna beat the Brooklyn Nets?

  • Tell me that.

  • Who's gonna beat them?

  • You're trying to take the subject.

  • I don't wanna talk about those other teams.

  • I'm here to talk about the Brooklyn.

  • Next.

  • That steak.

  • You'll see.

  • You'll see baby Steve.

  • Then you'll see.

  • I'm right.

  • When the Nets and the Finals I'll actually welcome you on my show that you'll be welcomed on this show.

  • I'll be there.

  • I'll be there.

  • You better believe I'll be there.

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Wizards have no time outs.

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Baby Stephen A. calls out Stephen A. after Nets' epic collapse vs. the Wizards | Stephen A's World

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