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  • to say something along those lines about the Shawn Watson.

  • Uh, you think we makes too much money to voice an opinion?

  • I mean that that's pretty damn close to insane, as far as I'm concerned for something like that to come out of Brett Favre's mouth, Um, in this particular day and age again, I'm not accusing him of being malicious in any way, Max.

  • Um, but I'm a cute, But I will say this.

  • I think that thought process is a bit ass backwards.

  • And I think that Brett Farve is come across as looking a bit as backwards, um, to say something like that in this day and age, particularly considering what we've just witnessed in our nation transpire over the last few months.

  • There are people that have have brought up and made comparisons to the civil rights era because of the things that we saw going on throughout the streets of America over the last year.

  • How Brett Farve can say something like this to me is mind bogging.

  • I was not surprised by it.

  • First of all, Brett Farve said, I think we make too much money.

  • Thio voice an opinion.

  • We do.

  • He's including himself with Watson, in other words, players.

  • And there's always been an element, even among the workforce.

  • Even among the you know, people who self identify, you know, as working class that don't and that are, in fact based on socioeconomic standing that believe that labor should stay in its place.

  • And that especially if you're being paid well Oh, my God, Mr So and so gave me this enormous check.

  • And once upon a time, Stephen A Not just not just like along racial lines shut up and dribble, which always had those kind of undertones.

  • Um, but once upon a time, you know, Joe DiMaggio was reviled, and other white players in baseball were revived because they would hold out for more money and the press by enlarged.

  • And who do you think owns the, you know, major media outlets?

  • Um, the moneyed interests right?

  • And the press reflected their sentiments and sometimes maybe their own sentiments about staying in their own place.

  • Why?

  • Who are they to hold out there making $100,000 to play a child's game?

  • Well, let me ask for something.

  • Are the owners making too much money to voice an opinion because they're making a lot more than the players.

  • Let's not act as though players rolled out of bed one day and hit the lottery.

  • They got lucky.

  • No.

  • Were they born with physical genetic advantages?

  • Undoubtedly, but not everyone who was born taller, faster or stronger picks the NFL.

  • They've put a life, time off work, dedication, passion to become one of the best in the world.

  • In one of the most competitive industries in the world, where almost everyone who can play is playing and they are.

  • And someone like to Shawn Watson has elevated himself to where he is so important that he has some leverage.

  • But he shouldn't be quiet.

  • He's making too much to voice an opinion.

  • Are the owners making too much?

  • The owners have leveraged their businesses and relationships for a seat at the table of power.

  • The players, because they're not as powerful because they don't start out as rich, have leveraged their union to collectively bargain for a seat at the table.

  • And the superstar players also leverage their incredible importance to their teams to have more power than in just another player and to be able to voice their opinions, and we've seen it in the n b A and now, increasingly in the NFL to even demand or at least steer trades and and kind of put their hands on their future and control their destiny more than in the past.

  • Stephen A.

  • I am unsurprised that some elements come out.

  • Apparently far thought of himself is the hired help and say an echo this sentiment that we've seen throughout American sports history.

  • You're the hired help.

  • Curt Flood.

  • What do you agitating for?

  • You're making so much more money than you wouldn't irregular, Robertson.

  • Just be happy with it.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Right, Right.

  • Same thing.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Why should I accept?

  • The people who pay me have made their fortunes on the free market.

  • But now they want to stop the free market forces from me getting paid what I'm worth?

  • No.

  • And those people, The Curt Flood would have been vilified throughout American sports history, oftentimes by players who were in their same position.

  • Stephen A again.

  • I think we make too much money to voice an opinion Farms, including himself.

  • He is including himself, which is what I pointed out with my initial diatribe.

  • But what I would say to you is that what he revealed is that he's a bigger part of the problem that exists in professional sports because we assume on a lot of occasions, not you and I.

  • But I'm talking generically speaking as a society.

  • We assume that the players are on one side and management owners executives on another.

  • But you do have people on the labor side.

  • You do have people on this side that essentially think like the folks upstairs want them to think.

  • And what I'm saying is that's not always a bad thing.

  • Please don't get me wrong.

  • I'm about winning if you about winning, okay, and we're about the bottom line.

  • I have no problem with you aligning yourself with folks upstairs because the objective and the agenda is the same as it pertains to the bottom line.

  • But when it involves something like this, players are getting paid too much money to voice an opinion.

  • When you say something like that that goes beyond that, that's not about labor.

  • That's not about CBS.

  • That's not about India.

  • That's about a mentality off thinking of yourself and others as she labor, who should be grateful for what they have, as opposed to being to being appreciated for what they have earned.

  • And I'm very, very disturbed, Brett Farve would say what he said.

  • Not just about everybody else like you said himself, is well, and I'm not attaching any kind of racial connotation to Brett Farve by saying that in terms of his intent, I'm simply saying that as a black man to hear you say that knowing the times that we're living in right now is incredibly alarming, that something like that will come out of breath.

  • Falls mouth.

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to say something along those lines about the Shawn Watson.

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Stephen A. calls Brett Favre's comments on Deshaun Watson 'mind-boggling' | First Take

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