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  • today, wind power is one of the fastest growing sources of energy on the planet.

  • It's renewable as long as the sun keeps a shining and the wind keeps blowing.

  • It's generally affordable for consumers after it's set up, and it doesn't pollute the air.

  • But it has its downsides.

  • It takes a lot of money upfront to pay for a wind farm.

  • The best wind sites are often far away from the homes, and businesses that need the energy and wind turbines can kill birds and other wildlife.

  • They can also be noisy and unattractive to look at.

  • Unless, of course, they're built far out at sea.

  • That costs substantially mawr than building them on land, and it gives workers the opportunity to live a very unique, if remote, lifestyle.

  • If you look at the surface area that this wind farm covered, it's 40 by 15 kilometers.

  • Okay.

  • Each turbine is about 100 m top, and the blades of 75 m eat.

  • So the total area that the blades cover that's bigger than the millennium will one rotation off this turbine camp, our average home for around one day, because we are so far off shore for this project, we figured that it would be best to have the whole crew working here, living together on one platform.

  • So the whole site management, normally based on shore, is actually based off shore at the moment.

  • So there's around on average, 100 plus people on this offshore hotel.

  • That's what it is, the GMs endeavor.

  • That's a accommodation jack up, and that's a vessel with legs so it can actually jack itself out of the water.

  • It lowers its legs onto the seabed on, pushes further, and then the vessel comes out of the water.

  • And then there's a stable platform E mean, look around you.

  • This is our This is our open office right open office to that zoo where we are now, or the people who work and live and sleep.

  • Here they are all on a two week on two weeks off rotation.

  • There is a cinema.

  • There's high speed Internet.

  • There is Jim.

  • There's a great kitchen.

  • There's a lounge room.

  • There's a good office for some people.

  • I think it's better than being at home part of them.

  • Stay on board this vessel, do the planning for the day and the other guys.

  • They sail out, go to various location.

  • Holmes.

  • One is the biggest offshore wind farm that anyone has ever built.

  • What we're actually building is 174.

  • Enormous wind turbines were spacing them out over 400 square kilometers of seabed between each turbine and the next turbine.

  • There is a cable all buried into the seabed and all these cables from all these turbines.

  • They all go into each substation from where the electricity that goes into the national grits, and from there it goes into people's hopes.

  • The drawback of having turbines offshore is you need to get there and when there's a lot of wind, that's why we built them here.

  • There's a lot of waves, and when there's a lot of waves, you can't get with the vessel to a turbine.

  • For any helicopter flight that you undertake over land, you can basically just step in.

  • But when you fly further offshore, you need thio do a so called you it.

  • That's a helicopter on the water escape training where you're trained, what to do when a helicopter lands and water maybe rotates you.

  • It's about a weeks training that you need to go through to be fully certified to work here, flying out from shore to haunt.

  • It's a gift every time it za present going toe work.

today, wind power is one of the fastest growing sources of energy on the planet.

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Life Aboard An Ocean Windmill

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