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  • my daughter goes and sells me out on Twitter.

  • Yesterday, my daughter tweeted a picture of DeShaun Watson a Jets helmet and said, Please let this happen.

  • I haven't seen my father truly happy in like 11 years.

  • Let the record show it was.

  • It was really more like 10 years.

  • But okay, she she got to the point.

  • So let's make this happen.

  • All morning long.

  • We've been going through different franchises that have been mentioned prominently in the DeShaun Watson sweepstakes.

  • And here to represent the New York Jets is our own Bart Scott, the former Jet.

  • So give me the pros and cons.

  • If you're to Shawn Watson of the New York Jets as a possible destination.

  • Well, green in the previous segment, when you heard you heard Michael, you know Mike, Mike T say, hey, well, you look at what the Dolphins did.

  • Well, who are the Dolphins?

  • The year before, they were the New York Jets.

  • So now you have opportunity to come to a place that has a blank canvas, you know?

  • So you think about they have tremendous salary cap space.

  • They have the ability to go out and acquires.

  • Much talent is needed.

  • They're allowed to shine.

  • Wants to be part of the decision making something that he didn't get in Houston and allows him to feel that roster upto his strength.

  • Also, you think about them getting Michaela floor, having the opportunity to have that quarterback friendly offense.

  • They go back and they have opportunity to fill the roster with guys like Zach Ertz.

  • They could go out and get Kenny Gala day.

  • They could go out and get a guy like Alan Robinson, and he automatically becomes the best quarterback within the division.

  • Everybody in division is looking up to him saying, Hey, this is the standard This the gold standard within the division So he has an opportunity to do all those things Greeny.

  • He has a blank canvas.

  • He could get tremendous talent around him.

  • He has tremendous left tackle, you know me.

  • But the only problem, the only thing you have to worry about greeny and I would say the only con is the fact that this organization has been dysfunctional.

  • But I think you have tremendous confidence in Robert Sala.

  • You have tremendous confidence in Joe Douglas and what he was able to do in one year of having a draft.

  • He has tremendous draft capital to improve this team through the draft, but also through free agency.

  • So if I'm just shining Watson, I'm saying, Hey, I get to come to New York, be one of the biggest stars I'm still living off.

  • Damn!

  • Can't wait.

  • What?

  • Can you imagine what he could do in the heights?

  • That he could take this organization?

  • You know, sitting here in the New York area, being the number one athlete hanging out, hanging out with, you know, hanging out with James Harden, his best friend.

  • They can continue to keep that friendship and and make the great migration up north.

  • I like it.

  • So we did pros and cons for some other teams earlier in these air.

  • Those for the Jets.

  • And this is incredibly ironic because earlier we asked Mike Tannenbaum to play the role of Miami Dolphins GM, and he was that once.

  • And now I'm asking you to play the role of New York Jets GM and you were that once, too.

  • So if you were in that seat right now where Joe Douglas is currently sitting, what is your sales pitch to DeShaun Watson?

  • I really like where Bart started greeny, but I would go much more big picture.

  • We want you to come to New York City and be Derek Jeter.

  • We wanna talk about it all time, legacy.

  • When you went in New York, you win forever.

  • They're still billboards of Bill Parcells and Phil Simms.

  • And when you could go down as a great New York hero and talk about guys like Eli Manning and Derek Jeter, and that's gonna be you do Shawn Watson, and we're gonna be able to do things off the field for the next 2030 40 years.

  • There's no place like the NFL and there's no place like the NFL New York and to Bart's point, this team is loaded with draft capital.

  • We're gonna get good young, hard working team mates for you, and the pen is gonna be in your hand and you're gonna write an incredible script right here in New York.

  • You think that that part of this would be part of the appeal of this would be if the Texans decided they liked the idea of getting same Donald back in return?

  • That's obviously up to them.

  • Bart Scott, super quick, Sam.

  • Donald gonna have a big NFL career if he goes to the right place.

  • Right?

  • Circumstance?

  • Are you interested in Donald?

  • If you're Houston, you know, I absolutely believe that they're going that Sam Donna has tremendous career and tremendous potential.

  • He just has to get to a good organization.

  • And I don't know right now if Houston's a good organization, but he'll have opportunity to change the narrative.

  • I could see Sam Donna in San Francisco.

  • I could see him.

  • Indianapolis's well, He could definitely be a valuable piece if they decide to go in another direction, either through the draft but through free agency.

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my daughter goes and sells me out on Twitter.

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