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  • Hi, I'm John C.

  • Reilly.

  • I'm Tim Heidegger.

  • Now I'm Fred Armisen.

  • And where the cast of Moonbase eight today we're playing Hulu's rapid fire questions.

  • So let's start my birth.

  • I'd go do Woodstock 1999.

  • Okay, I wanna change my answer.

  • E o just realized.

  • Awful.

  • I'd go to London 1977.

  • The life of Riley.

  • How could you resist?

  • Mine would be the life of High Decker.

  • I would just do, I would say, the American Encyclopedia levitation time travel so I could go toe Woodstock 99 like that hearing, You know, like I don't know e told location.

  • I'm going to say depth of the ocean.

  • Let's start here on earth, Get ourselves figured out.

  • No, I'd go somewhere new.

  • I don't There's nothing down there.

  • Trust me.

  • New planet.

  • It's too dark down there.

  • That's like pitch black too much.

  • Really.

  • E would be a better version of myself, um, or ethically responsible and friendlier person.

  • Thin.

  • I am.

  • I've come back exactly what you got right here.

  • 100%.

  • No change.

  • I'd come back as a like a new sports stadium there.

  • So there's so there's so many innovations that the escalators and stuff that I'm excited about.

  • The stadiums of the future E Orson Welles is probably a pretty good hang General Patton.

  • Probably.

  • I'd love to hear some of his stories.

  • You took mine.

  • I was gonna say General Patton.

  • No, just there's a gentleman in Ohio from the thirties who worked at the radio station there.

  • He wasn't on air, but, uh, I've never seen Godfather three, so I'd probably try to get that squeeze that in its two hours e look at receipts.

  • Let's get all my receipts together.

  • From that, I think it's never You should never stop looking at your receipts and just making sure they're, you know, everything lines up business expense.

  • You know, last day on Earth would be getting in a spaceship to get off this earth so I would have missed the armor.

  • Get on sculpture.

  • Being the Beatles, obviously calligraphy obviously way e.

  • I honestly don't think puppets get enough recognition.

  • I think we should have a day where we think about remember puppets and puppet We love in the puppets that have inspired us.

  • E Way really should have a national holiday for mothers like a Mother's Day Yeah, where we appreciate mothers and we think about like Mom's Day said, Well, it's not irrational to me.

  • Yeah, exactly.

  • My fear it feels rational is car accidents.

  • E Get in the car.

  • I'm like e trucks around me and cars around me, but I think it's irrational.

  • Fear e.

  • Try not to worry about things, to tell you the truth, because I think worrying is like negative prayer.

  • It's like praying for the thing you don't want to happen.

  • So I try toe.

  • If I If I do feel nervous or fearful about something, I just try to manage that fear and just say like, you know what chances are you gonna be?

  • OK, John Barron over here Don't don't really like that.

  • Everybody, Thanks for hanging out with us.

Hi, I'm John C.

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Rapid Fire Questions: Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, & John C. Reilly - Moonbase 8 • SHOWTIME on Hulu

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