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  • Kirk.

  • You spent three years in the division with Matthew Stafford.

  • You're staying.

  • He's on the move, just Cube to Cube for our listeners.

  • What can you kind of tell us about the kind of competitors that he is?

  • And your thoughts on the trade?

  • Well, he's got special arm talent.

  • He's done it for a long time.

  • I think any time you can have sustained excellence in this league, it says a lot about you as a player because there's a lot of guys who have a good year here, a good year there.

  • But Matthew's done it for over a decade, and he's got a lot of good football ahead of them.

  • And there's a reason that the Rams gave up so many draft picks to go get him.

  • It's Super Bowl week, Kurt.

  • How excited are you to watch these two stuck quarterbacks go up against each other?

  • And I'm talking about obviously, Patrick Mahomes and the Goat Tom Brady?

  • I think it'll be a lot of fun to watch two really good teams deserving teams.

  • Um, you know, I I've been watching Chiefs film all year when we were playing the Buccaneers.

  • The Chiefs have just played them.

  • So we were watching a lot of Chiefs tape.

  • It was unbelievable to see the creativity that they were having on offense.

  • The explosiveness.

  • You know, the throws that Patrick makes, the routes that Tyree kill and Travis Kelsey and the whole crew runs.

  • I mean, it z top notch offensive all time.

  • And then, um, you know, when you think about the Buccaneers and all the big name players they have, Bruce Arians is so aggressive on offense, you know, it should make for a fun game.

  • And when we played the Bucks, I just remember that pass rush being so good.

  • And I watched it again in the NFC championship game the way they got after the Packers.

  • So, um, it'll be it'll be fun, fun game to watch as it always, just terrific.

  • Time is 43 years old, and he's playing in his 10th Super Bowl.

  • How amazed are you at what he's been able to do for such like you said for such a long time?

  • I mean, it's it's kind of ridiculous when you think about, uh, 10 Super Bowl appearances, be 43 years old and doing what he's doing.

  • You know to go win at Green Bay and, uh, in late January.

  • Um, there's nobody who's ever really come close to doing it the way he has again going back to that sustained excellence.

  • I mean, he's the pinnacle of that.

  • So he set the bar high for the rest of us to follow, that's for sure.

  • But, you know, hopefully, you know, the rest of us coming behind him can get the Super Bowl at some point.

  • You know, if you keep staying around the NFC, it's gonna be tough.

  • Kirk, What's up, man?

  • It's J.

  • Williams.

  • How you doing, brother?

  • Good to see you, Jack.

  • You too, man.

  • Tell me what makes what makes Patrick Mahomes so different.

  • I know, I see it, but for somebody in a position that you're in where where is his ceiling as it relates to the quarterback position?

  • I mean, I've asked that same question myself of, you know, what is he doing?

  • Because I'm as a quarterback, I'm trying to learn from great players.

  • I'm trying toe, you know, steal things from their game.

  • And so I'm gonna ask that all the time.

  • What are they doing that I'm not doing where I could get better.

  • And, you know, I think he's got arm strength.

  • But he also has arm talent when it comes to his accuracy.

  • When it comes to the arm angles he can throw with his mind.

  • He's just very creative what he can do off schedule.

  • And you know what he sees in an off schedule play.

  • He can see the spacing of defense's and his own team, where ill advised throws late across the middle for him, you know, are a good decision, and he has a good feel for when it's gonna be a turnover.

  • But when it's gonna be a big play and no one went up, pull the ball back and run.

  • But then when you let it go and that's hard to teach, it's hard to drill.

  • But he clearly has it and has it in spades, especially in a year where you know, you couldn't really know preseason all these other things happening.

  • What was this year like for you?

  • Obviously, you know, keep pick you guys to win the division.

  • But ultimately, you know, how did this year feel with all the unknowns coming into it?

  • Well, we got used to it.

  • This time went on.

  • It was certainly unique early on, especially during training camp, when we were trying to figure out what these protocols looked like and how toe to stay with them.

  • But, you know, the season went on.

  • It became very routine toe to go and get tested before you went into the building every day and have your mask on as often as possible.

  • And I was so happy that we finished the season.

  • Haven't played all 16 regular season games because there was concern that that may not happen, going back to the summer and, you know, be able to play the games.

  • And nobody in our organization had any long term negative health impact.

  • So that was also a positive, and now it's about looking forward to 2021.

  • And how quickly can we get back to a more normal football setting?


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Kirk Cousins reacts to the Lions trading Matthew Stafford to the Rams | Keyshawn, JWll & Zubin

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