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  • (audience cheering)

  • - Are you ready?

  • (audience cheering)

  • This season, these comics are veterans,

  • they are professionals at tickling the soul,

  • and I wanna give them the kind of shine that they deserve.

  • Welcome to "They Ready: Season Two."

  • Godfrey, ladies and gentlemen! (audience cheers)

  • - I love performing, I love creating.

  • I'm Nigerian, okay, but people question me.

  • Every time I'm on stage I'm like,

  • "Yeah, that's why I'm here."

  • They want us to be like, "Hello, everybody.

  • I am happy to be here." (audience laughing)

  • - [Tiffany] Erin Jackson! (audience cheers)

  • - You have to be a different kind of woman to do comedy.

  • A girl I went to school with just started doing porn.

  • I wouldn't change a thing, I'm here.

  • Which is not a thing I thought

  • you could start doing in your 40s,

  • but go 'head, girl, if they're hiring.

  • (audience laughs)

  • - [Tiffany] Tony Woods! (audience cheers)

  • - All my life people said I was funny.

  • What's the first thing you think about with a kangaroo?

  • Is its pouch.

  • - Every great comedian that I know

  • always pays homage to you.

  • - Imagine the best thing

  • about your outfit is your pouch, right?

  • But your arms are too short.

  • You say, "Hey, man, get my keys out."

  • (audience laughs)

  • - [Tiffany] Kimberly Clark,

  • ladies and gentlemen! (audience cheers)

  • - There's so many great comedians out there

  • that never, ever get any shine.

  • I'm looking for comfortable shoes

  • that won't make me look like a biblical character.

  • It's really difficult. (audience laughs)

  • When Tiffany called me, I was like, "Wow."

  • You got birth control shoes.

  • (audience laughs)

  • - [Tiffany] Barbara Carlyle! (audience cheers)

  • - Been doing comedy for 44 years.

  • I forgot I was married one day.

  • Rolled over and said,

  • "Do you know you need to get up and go home?"

  • (audience laughs)

  • Life, for me, ain't been no crystal stair.

  • A lot of good looking people in the house tonight.

  • - [Audience] Woo!

  • - A lot of ugly motherfuckers in here too.

  • (audience laughs)

  • - [Tiffany] Dean Edwards! (audience cheers)

  • - I'm big on manifestation.

  • I made a recording where I said,

  • "I'm shooting a special in 2020."

  • I didn't go see "Black Panther"

  • initially when it first came out y'all.

  • And here we are,

  • we've just breathed it into existence.

  • All these Black people in this movie,

  • I couldn't get no audition

  • for none of the roles in this movie?

  • Goddamn. (audience laughs)

  • - It's gon' be off the chain.

  • - L.A., what's up?

  • - Tiffany Haddish rocks!

  • - Kinda dumb, ain't you?

  • - I got you.

  • - This gon' be funny.

  • - Thank you so much.

  • - Are you ready?

  • (audience cheering)

  • (upbeat music)

  • This season, I purposely made sure everybody was Black,

  • because I'm Black.

  • Was that too much? I'm sorry.

  • (upbeat music)

(audience cheering)

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