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  • I still have to make the invitation for Miss Nanny.

  • I can help you with that.

  • Great. I've got plenty of glue and glitter.

  • Oh, I can't get glue on my Mommy's pearls.

  • Let me put them in my dressing room

  • - until we're done. - Okay.

  • ( music playing )

  • Oh, a party? I'd love to come.

  • Now that we've delivered our card,

  • I can put moi's pearls back on.

  • I can't wait for our party to--

  • Moi's pearls!

  • They're gone!

  • But who could have taken them?

  • It's a mystery!

  • This looks like a job for...

  • Summer Penguin, PI.

  • The PI stands for Penguin Investigator.

  • Oh, Summer PI, what should I do?

  • What we have to do is look for clues.

  • Those are things that you find to help you solve the mystery.

  • I write them all down on this pad so I don't forget them.

  • Hmm. I don't see any clues where the pearls were.

  • - Can you hand me my-- - Piggy: A-ha!

  • Hey, you took my magnifying glass.

  • Oh, I just borrowed it because you weren't using it.

  • And look what I found! Is this a clue?

  • It sure is.

  • These red flower petals weren't here earlier.

  • Whoever dropped them might know who took your pearls.

  • But who would drop flower petals?

  • Hmm. Maybe the ones getting the flowers for the party.

I still have to make the invitation for Miss Nanny.

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Mystery of the Missing Pearls | Muppet Babies | @Disney Junior

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