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  • -Dad, hello! -What if Papa doesn't have Internet?

  • Ioane, please don't kill your sister.

  • You guys look taller in the picture.

  • -Go ahead. -Mahalo?

  • Seems a little unsanitary.

  • I'm not spending my senior year stuck on this stupid island.

  • -These are nice. -Aloha.

  • Pili.

  • That was some John Wick fancy business.

  • Whose journal is this?

  • -Monks. He was a-- -Sailor on The Peruvian.

  • The Peruvian's treasure is legendary.

  • Why do you have a drawing of a Night Marcher?

  • You know what that is?

  • Ghosts of Hawaiian warriors. He said they march at night.

  • You know they're coming when you hear the drums.

  • Well, sleep tight.

  • -Final notice? -You're about to lose your house!

  • This is our 'ohana's land. I'm gonna die before I leave.

  • All right!

  • 'Ohana is a big part of you. You know why?

  • Because you Hawaiian.

  • This was my papa's, and my papa's papa

  • got this from Monk.

  • It's real gold! This is how we can get the money and help Papa.

  • Onward to treasure!

  • It wasn't that bad.

  • This is it. This is where the coin wanted us to go.

  • What you think is down there?

  • I just wanna grab my sister who thinks she's Indiana Jones.

  • We'll get them.

  • My kids are inside a mountain looking for some Spanish gold?

  • I have to enter. I mean no disrespect. Your turn.

  • What's up, mountain? You're looking beautiful right now.

  • We're good. We can go now.

  • We just have to go through--

  • -The Jaws of Death. -That sounds inviting.

  • See? Piece of cake.

  • -Don't move. -Why does it have so many eyes?

  • Those aren't eyes.

  • I know you're scared, but I'll be right here the whole time.

  • I gotta do this. For Papa.

  • Run!

  • Pili, come on. Hurry!

  • One, two, three!

  • I'm not as strong as I look!

  • I only went to one CrossFit class. It was a free trial!

  • -Shut up! -Shut up!

-Dad, hello! -What if Papa doesn't have Internet?

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FINDING ‘OHANA | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/04
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