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  • Wizards have no timeouts.

  • 10 seconds left.

  • Nets up by five Deal launches.

  • He's got a three 1, 46 1 44 and a steal.

  • Westbrook always got it.

  • A three.

  • Washington goes up by one catastrophe for the Nets.

  • Uh, fellas, a wild one in the association that came down to those last couple seconds in Washington pulled it off, Max.

  • So tell me this.

  • How worried are you about the nets with this superstar team, as currently constructed?

  • Very.

  • I don't see them getting out of the East as currently constructed.

  • Let me give you Stephen A I mean the eyeball test.

  • You can see that they don't just they don't seem to care about defense.

  • They gave up 48 points in the fourth quarter, 48 points in the fourth quarter to a sorry team.

  • Think about that for a second.

  • The Nets have played basically ah, whole slew of sorry teams.

  • Their schedule has been very soft since the harden trade.

  • Do you know where they rank?

  • Like in that sample since the harden trade?

  • Till now, their offense is the best ever.

  • The best offense ever.

  • Most points per 100 possessions ever you know what?

  • Their defense is the worst ever guys ever.

  • What?

  • Not over any 10 game span.

  • But if this were for the whole season, they be on pace for the like that 10 game Whenever.

  • How many games since heart has been traded?

  • That would be That would be the worst defense of all time.

  • But when you're playing sorry teams, it means you get a little less credit for your offense, right?

  • It's easier to score, and your defense is even worse than it seems.

  • You have the worst defense ever playing teams have a hard time scoring?

  • Yes, this worries me.

  • In the last 20 years, no team that is below 11th in defense wins a championship.

  • None.

  • They're the worst ever since the Harden trade.

  • I look at the Dallas Mavericks last year.

  • They actually had the most efficient offense ever, but their defense was way better than this Nets team.

  • They made a little noise in the playoffs.

  • They didn't win the championship, right?

  • This this Nets team, the worst ever.

  • Guys, this is they're going to have to make a move by the deadline.

  • It's going to have to be someone who can secure defensive rebounds at the very least, for them.

  • Ah, guy who can play significant minutes because the defense of possession Stevie is lackluster is they are on defense as much as they seem like they don't care the D.

  • Sometimes they kind of Oh, that's not a bad.

  • That's not a bad possessed defensive, um, Siri's set.

  • What happens?

  • They don't secure the defensive rebound like you.

  • It's not over until you secure that defense.

  • They are going to have to make a move.

  • Stephen A.

  • Because it's currently constructed in this year of Cove.

  • It still with with not practice, like, always, social distancing, they're not going to get to get it together the way another team might.

  • In a normal season, they're gonna have to make a move.

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Wizards have no timeouts.

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The Nets gave up 48 points in the 4th quarter to a 'sorry' team! - Max Kellerman | First Take

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