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  • Welcome back to the jump.

  • Let's head out West for the Nuggets snapped.

  • The Jazz is MBA Best 11 game win streak last night in Denver, Nicole Yokich matching his career high 47 points.

  • He also had 12 boards to steals.

  • One block.

  • Oh, by the way, he went four for four from behind the arc.

  • So big perk back with us.

  • Did the Joker's performance Sunday change the M V P race it all?

  • Absolutely.

  • Look, he jumps ahead of LeBron James.

  • I think it's him and Joe L and B M V P to be one right now.

  • Look, I am just so happy that the big man of starting to dominate the league again because for a minute they were going away.

  • Rachel.

  • And so when you look at what joke is doing, this is a guy that is not athletic.

  • This is the guy that don't run fast, don't move quick, but plays the pace of his game.

  • That gets the job done.

  • And in my opinion, he's arguably one of the greatest big skilled bigs to ever play the game, Gregg Popovich said.

  • He's the modern day Larry Bird and guess what he told no lies.

  • It's a little exhausting to do the M v P update day after day after day, but even forget last game.

  • Nicola Yokich right now is the M V p of this season.

  • And yeah, last night did matter.

  • They blew out basically a team that was on an 11 game winning streak that looked unbeatable.

  • And what was amazing about that game If you watched it, it looked so easy.

  • I mean, he just put up the most effortless 35 point half I think I've ever seen raining jump shots, Little hook shots.

  • Rudy Gobert's on me, Okay?

  • Fake fake fake hook shot goes in.

  • It was so easy for him to dominate a team that had been on fire.

  • And he's been I mean, I think he's the best passing big man in the history of the league, period.

  • And I think he is the M v p right now, But this is gonna be one of those seasons, I hope, like 2017, 1 rust one when we have, like a nice 34 man, five man M V P raised.

  • I think it's gonna get frothy.

  • We'll go ahead for alone, Zack.

  • But don't.

  • Don't you just discount Joe l and B right now?

  • Because he has the Philadelphia 76 a level, by the way, Just a couple of weeks ago, he put up a 40 plus point night to now.

  • So yoke is just just behind them right now, doing it at a later time.

  • But we're not gonna just say that yoga is just a clear cut.

  • Zach Blow.

  • All right?

  • We're not gonna start there today.

  • It's gonna be a great race perk.

  • It's gonna be a great race with lots of ups and downs.

  • But right now, if you ask me to vote If I had to fill out my ballot now I'm putting Yokich one.

  • That's what I'm saying.

  • Yeah, because guess what?

  • We don't want you to vote because you voted for Yonas last year when Rachel and I was trying to tell you No, no, no, E Well, I voted for you.

  • This is a ballpark on.

  • It was close, but I will say, as I've said a million times, it is an award that right now rewards stats in a regular season.

  • Yonas had historic stats, but it is time to change the M v P I got.

  • I got to get that in one more time because perk, I'm with you on that.

  • It needs to be more about who the best player in the league is, and we need a separate award for best stats for this season.

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Welcome back to the jump.

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