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  • Okay, we will.

  • Tony saved by the bell there, by the way, another fun night in the n B A.

  • And it was headlined by Toronto's Fred Vanvleet, the guard dropping.

  • How about a franchise record 54 points in a win over the Magic?

  • It's the most points ever scored by an undrafted player.

  • The Celtics?

  • They went on the road.

  • They beat the Warriors despite 38 points from Steph Curry.

  • Jason Tatum's 27 helped Boston erasing 11 point deficit.

  • After the first quarter and the showdown, everyone had circle the Nets.

  • Big three.

  • They beat the best team in the league.

  • The Clippers won 24 toe, 1 20 in 10 games since the James Harden trade, Brooklyn's averaging 127 points per game on offense.

  • Stephen A.

  • Smith With his prediction for Brooklyn moving forward, they don't have to change a damn thing to get to the finals.

  • They are coasting.

  • They're coming out of the East.

  • They're going to the N B A finals in orderto win it.

  • If last night you're asking me play like that and they could win.

  • Yes, as constructed playing offense like that, they can win the Championship.

  • Jeff Van Gundy joining us now for much more?

  • Well, he'll be on the call, by the way, for tonight's Bucks Pacers game.

  • We'll get to that in a moment, but first here you heard Stephen, a Jeff the Nets defense.

  • It will be heavily criticized the rest of the season, but it's hard to ignore the firepower on offense.

  • How far do you think Brooklyn could go with this current roster?

  • Well, I think they can play for a championship.

  • I think they could be in the hunt into the Final Four.

  • It would be hard for me to think that they could win it all with their roster, just as is.

  • I think they don't need a lot different, but I do think they need to reinforce some areas.

  • They don't have to be great defensively, but I think they have toe work themselves up to where they could win a game.

  • Even when they don't shoot the ball well, they're not there yet.

  • Could they be by the end of the season, it's all gonna be dictated by their three best players.

  • Yeah, you're seeing unselfish basketball so far from James Harden getting everybody else involved As for your game tonight in Milwaukee, they're 12 and eight.

  • How would you assess Yannis and the Bucks?

  • 20 games into the season?

  • I think Milwaukee's playing well.

  • I think there are obviously a great offensive team, and they've been a great defensive team this year.

  • They're in the right in the middle of the pack, so if they're to improve that area, they're gonna be a championship caliber team again.

  • And I want to see Yonas play against Sabonis.

  • No one talks about Cibona.

  • Sabonis is the Eastern Conference.

  • Anthony Davis.

  • He's that good.

  • He is so special on offense in so many different categories that it's gonna be a heck of a matchup.

  • Yanis versus Sabonis tonight.

  • Glad you brought that up, especially with the Bucks defense.

  • They've been lagging behind so far this season.

  • We'll see how this plays out tonight.

  • Here on ESPN.

  • Jeff Van Gundy on the call.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Okay, we will.

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The Nets aren't a title-winning team ... as constructed - Jeff Van Gundy | SportsCenter

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