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  • Let me be honest with you.

  • The boroughs I visited today face, um, riel issues, riel issues and healing was one of them.

  • I went there today again to deliver food.

  • Thio ST.

  • John's Church was his incredible charity.

  • Alan Simpson there was there and we talked long and hard and he said, Brian, we're struggling.

  • A lot of people need food and food banks, which is important, but also Ah, lot of people saw the bus and they wanted to come over and talk to me.

  • And they said, Brian, we are frustrated with the low traffic neighborhoods.

  • The mayor is up there in his top floor of his City hall glass building with his balcony, choosing these policies like low traffic neighborhoods.

  • Meanwhile, people like Mark, who I spoke with today Yola and Marie on the streets are absolutely fuming.

  • And I wanna thank Mark who came over to me.

  • He traveled blocks and blocks when he heard that my bus was in his neighborhood and he was literally fuming.

  • And Mark I understand your anger and I feel your anger and he said, Brian, thes low traffic neighborhoods.

  • They're ruining our neighborhoods, he said.

  • First of all, they find the people that they shouldn't find for driving in them.

  • Second of all, they massively increased pollution on the areas that aren't locked down, and finally they are ruining the businesses that need that traffic to survive, he said.

  • It's a massive mistake.

  • They're trying to make money off the residents because of these low traffic neighborhoods, he said.

  • The current mayor of London is completely out of touch.

  • Every single person I met today in Ealing said, Get him out of office.

  • They said This man is out of touch with what's happening here.

  • The L T.

  • N are completely wrong.

  • They're completely misguided and they need to be rethought right away.

  • Meanwhile, the citizens of Ealing pay every single day with taxes, with businesses lost and by breathing more polluted air.

  • I just want to say to the people of healing, I heard you today.

  • I appreciate you for coming up to me, and we're gonna look at better solutions than these.

  • Lt ends as soon as I get into office on May 6, So thank you very much.

  • I appreciate that.

  • And again I saw some very frustrated individuals today that are not being listened to by their mayor.

  • And I recognize that.

  • And this is why getting out there and the boroughs is so important again.

  • No other candidate is doing this because they just don't care.

  • The current mayor of London, he knows you're gonna vote for him.

  • He knows because of the party he belongs to, that he's going to get the next election.

  • So he's not gonna bother coming out.

  • If the current mayor of London had been on the streets of healing today, there would have been a riot.

  • Trust me, they are very angry with his decisions.

  • And I appreciate you talking to me.

Let me be honest with you.

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THE ISSUES IN LONDON'S BOROUGHS: Why It Is Important To Listen to London's Citizens - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/02
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