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  • Yeah.

  • All right.

  • I am here on the battle bus.

  • We are passing the world famous London.

  • I headed by Parliament, which is coming up here, and we're on our way to Wandsworth.

  • And then we're coming to Sutton To Martin, to Richmond and then Kingston.

  • So we're coming to see everyone today virtually, and I'll be streaming from the back of the bus.

  • So make sure that you tune in for our live broadcast and again submit your questions wherever we're coming to you from Instagram YouTube, periscope, you name it.

  • We're there.

  • Um, And tell me, what borough are you in?

  • What's the question?

  • You wanna ask me, What's the single biggest challenge you're facing?

  • You know, yesterday when we were out doing a food drop to a charity and healing, we learned that people are really frustrated by the L.

  • Tien's in this city, and those are the low traffic neighborhoods.

  • A lot of them were put in place without really proper consultation of the local councils or even the local areas.

  • And it seems that a lot of them are doing more harm than good, and they need to be really rethought and reconsidered.

  • And we need to really listen to the citizens and a lot of these streets because it's changed their game, and it's really it's really hurt things a lot.

  • Some of them find that they have been fined unnecessarily.

  • They can't see their families.

  • We've already had comments are vlogs that ambulance drivers are struggling to even get into some of these Elton's.

  • We've also seen an actual increase in emissions when a lot of these these schemes were designed to decrease emissions, and we've seen a lack of traffic kill some of these businesses.

  • So these were really issues we're gonna talk about.

  • We're gonna feature this today, and each one of these local councils is dealing with their own versions of these problems with low traffic network neighborhoods.

  • And they get all really says.

  • What happens is it starts up in the top floor of City Hall.

  • When you're mayor decrees that something's going toe happen, Um, they get a great press release, but they don't actually realize it's hurting a lot of people on the ground, and they never seem to stop by and talk to them.

  • You know, I felt like you know these people, they're not being listened Thio, and they're not being respected.

  • And these were their neighborhoods where they raise their Children and they have their livelihoods.

  • And this is something we have to talk about.

  • And again, we're bringing a new level of transparency by visiting everyone on the digital battle bus by live streaming and allowing your comments to come right up on live.

  • For me to speak out and answer your questions live, this is a new way of holding your leaders accountable.

  • And it's what we plan on doing on May 6, when we go to City Hall and become your next mayor of London.

  • So thank you so much.

  • You probably saw the bus going everywhere.

  • Like I said, we're just passing the River Thames here in Parliament and we're heading over the ones worth next and super excited to have you join me on the live streams.

  • Follow us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter were everywhere and then leave a comment for sure.

  • And on May 6, let's make sure we have free and fair elections, which means we should have the right to campaign, which is why we're out here.

  • And that means you should have the right to choose.

  • So make sure your register to vote and then come and vote on May 6.

  • And let's make history.

  • Let's take London in a new direction with some new ideas and independent voice on Let's all be part of this process for the first time.

  • So thank you very much.

  • I'll see you in the last street.


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