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  • everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your two for Tuesday two for

  • Tuesday are two words that are pronounced exactly the same but have

  • different spellings and different meanings and I love this one today

  • because I love this flower it is a rose which is the flower and rows which are

  • items in a straight line so here are our two words to say these words correctly

  • we are going to start with the R sound to do this if you struggle with the R

  • sound and you watch my videos you kind of know what I'm going to say think

  • about square tense lips you don't want to pucker too much and you don't want

  • your mouth to be too relaxed the tip of your tongue is going to be pointed down

  • towards the bottom of the mouth or flipped back just do not touch your

  • teeth and do not let the tip of that tongue move at all

  • then we're going to move to that long o sound the vowel for the O moves from an

  • open mouth to a pucker oh and as you do this the tip of your tongue is low in

  • your mouth to get started the tip of the tongue is pointing down and the back is

  • pulled up and then as you close your mouth to the pucker your tongue is going

  • to stay and generally the same position is just going to move up as you pucker

  • oh oh and then we're going to end with a Z sound yes a Z even though we see that

  • letter s and to say the Z sound the tip of the tongue is either pointed down or

  • it's behind the top front teeth that is not touching the teeth so that the air

  • can keep moving out of your mouth and the voice box is on and moving let's put

  • it all together Rose rose rose Rose rose rose the Rows of flowers with the pink rose bushes are

  • beautiful give it a try people are going to notice the difference if you found

  • this helpful we'd love a like and a share and if you really liked it

  • leaving me a rose in the comments section below if you're looking for help

  • you can check out our products on Google Play and iTunes our on-demand classes at

  • udemy and our one-to-one training options at tarle speech thanks everyone

  • take care

everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your two for Tuesday two for

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How to Pronounce ROSE ? & ROWS - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/02/02
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