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  • Yeah.

  • So I'm here and healing.

  • I just did a food drop at the ST John's Church to Mr Alan Simpson.

  • Thank you, Alan.

  • For all the incredible work you dio, everyone is stopping me in the streets and saying, What are you doing about these low traffic neighborhoods?

  • They're ruining our neighborhoods.

  • The mayor at the top floor of the city Hall comes up with these grand schemes that he thinks are gonna be beneficial to the neighborhood.

  • And I'm gonna lure lower emissions.

  • Well, they're not.

  • And I just spoke with the green grocer here and everybody here down the street and they all tell me the same thing.

  • They said, Remove these bollards, stop these low traffic neighborhoods.

  • It's, um, charging people extra money to come and see us.

  • It's increasing emissions because people have to go the long way around.

  • And they're sick and tired of our politicians being out of touch with what's really happening in the neighborhoods on the real concerns of the people.

  • Why isn't the mayor out here talking to these people about these ridiculous policies that are costing businesses and people their livelihood, their health because of emissions?

  • And I could barely get down halfway of the road.

  • Besides every citizen coming up to me saying thes low traffic neighborhoods do not work, stopped doing them.

  • And they all have multiple reasons about why we really need to reconsider this policy.

  • So I appreciate everybody mentioned it and these things, they really have to be reconsidered.

  • You need to speak with the local neighborhoods and find out what's going on with them before you just, you know, sign off on these blanket policies that really affect Londoners.

  • So here I am in Ealing again, right near ST John's Church.

  • Incredible food bank work done here by Alan Simpson.

  • We appreciate you, sir.

  • I appreciate the citizens that air telling me what affects them in these neighborhoods.

  • But this is what we need.

  • We need to talk about the local issues and enough, you know, enough of these politicians in these high offices that come up with an initiative, get a press release that makes them look green while the rest of us suffer as citizens and everybody says, Get that guy out of office.

  • We want you in there, Brian.

  • Let's go make a difference.

  • So May 6, let's send a signal that we want Mawr mawr of our politicians listening to local people and mawr issues that benefit the local citizens.

  • So thank you so much healing for having me off to Brent etcetera.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/01
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