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  • now a modular houses a house that is custom designed and it's built in an indoor factory setting.

  • It can be built to a speck, and these homes can be built for one bedroom to bedroom, three bedroom.

  • They could be built for two people for six people.

  • For families of eight.

  • They could be built and customized, and then they can be delivered on site and constructed in a matter of days so we can use unused land by the TfL.

  • And there's a lot of it.

  • I'll be publishing the geographic data very soon.

  • We can use unused land in borough areas.

  • We can use land that is now because it's not being used, oftentimes used for criminal activity.

  • We can go in, design these modular homes and put them in place and the matter of weeks and have people living in them.

  • There's a great precedent, and this has been done on the Dyson campus.

  • Yes, Dyson three incredible British company here that makes the vacuum cleaners and lots of other technical devices.

  • They built their campus on modular homes, and I guess I did a whole video about this.

  • I'm looking at pictures of it right now, and they had incredible success with this.

  • Modular homes are customizable.

  • They're flexible, They're fast.

  • They can address the current housing prices.

  • They're also movable, and they could be updated as well.

  • So, say, five years from now, we want to replace the kitchen.

  • It can literally be put right in on these air, actually beautiful homes in New York City.

  • Now they're building the very first modular hotel.

  • This is happening all over the world.

  • You'll probably drive by a modular office building.

  • You won't realize what it is.

  • So this is a completely new technology.

  • It's a different way of looking at housing.

  • We used to think of housing that it has to be, Ah, 12 story council flat.

  • That's the only solution.

  • That's not true.

  • There's a lot of available land, some of it in every single borough of the city.

  • With modular housing, we can look at the land we could design what we want.

  • It could be built in a factory, delivered and placed on that land.

  • We don't even need to own the land.

  • The city might have that land, and we just came from Hackney in Stratford, where a lot of that land was repurposed for the Olympic build.

  • We could put housing right on that land in a quick way.

  • We could probably bypass a lot of the approvals necessary by the government.

  • We could use the government land, and then when we need to move that housing other places, we could do it swiftly.

  • This is an incredible idea.

  • And as soon as I published it, I was contacted by developers and architects in the city of London, some of them at the top of their game.

  • And they said, Brian, we love this idea.

  • We love this city, and we want to help you make it happen.

  • So right now, behind the scenes, I've got top people working on the designs, the builds.

  • So on May 6, after we're elected mayor on May 7th, I will get toe work.

  • And that's why I promise you this bold idea of 50,000 new homes by Christmas 2021.

  • Imagine that.

  • That's four times the number of homes your current mayor has managed to build in five years.

  • I'm gonna dio in about five months.

  • How can I do that?

  • It's just because I want to get the job done and I I'm not part of ah, one of the two party systems with their strange corporate interests and and all the weirdness going on behind the scenes.

  • What I wanna dio is actually build houses, not talk about houses.

  • And we can do this through this modular scenario.

  • It's an incredible technology.

  • Like I said, we could build them.

  • We could build them in Britain, weaken custom designed them they can go upto 123 stories tall and again they could be designed their beautiful.

  • They've got great modern amenities, kitchens, bathrooms, everything.

  • We could literally place these all around the city.

  • I'm looking at locations right now from the top of this bus where we could place houses.

  • I see you land that's unused right now.

  • How come we can't go there?

  • How come we can't go there?

  • I'm guessing that these questions were never asked to the mayor.

  • They never said, Guess what we've got.

  • A custom solution is quite low cost.

  • It's gonna be an excellent for your family's gnome or bed and breakfast that cost £100 a night that have poor accommodations for families.

  • No more overcrowding in our boroughs of Hackney why not build a modular house and let them move in, have some pride and be ableto work in this city, house their families and be a key worker.

  • The solutions air here, on there, right in front of us.

  • I'm telling you, I've researched this.

  • This is one of our key policies.

  • And it's something that no one is talking about except for us.

  • And who knows?

  • Maybe that's why you know, we're trying to be silenced.

  • I'm not sure, but we're gonna keep putting these ideas out there.

  • In the beauty is, we have the digital platforms to make it happen, and we have this incredible digital battle bus to talk to you.

now a modular houses a house that is custom designed and it's built in an indoor factory setting.

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MODULAR HOMES ?: What Are Modular Homes & How They Can Benefit The City Of London - Brian Rose

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