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  • When you live in a nudist colony, this is what democracy looks like.

  • My name is Bernadette and this is Earl, and we've been voting naked in our nudist commune for years.

  • Sunnyside Out is actually one of the nation's last surviving majority nudist district's.

  • When we moved here in the late eighties and felt like a little slice of heaven and we knew we had to vote, we wanted to keep it that way.

  • It's time to put these differences aside.

  • Put our penises and vaginas away.

  • Lost in a landslide.

  • Pants are oppression.

  • Since then, candidates have gone another way.

  • If showing off my misshapen hog isn't enough to convince you that I've got nothing to lose.

  • - You should vote for my opponent. I'm putting everything I've got on the line, nothing to hide. - That's what I'm talking about.

  • It used to be pretty cold when we voted.

  • Not great for my confidence, if you know what I mean.

  • But now, thanks to global warming and vote early day on October 24th, you could avoid the long lines and the shrinkage.

  • I read online that a lot of people will be voting from home due to the pandemic this year.

  • Seems like a great chance for them to try voting naked for the first time.

  • As for how the pandemic has affected us, a lot of our community activities have translated well into virtual hangouts.

  • Looks like a tick. Sure it's not a tick?

  • It could be a tick, Larry's right.

  • No, it's not a tick, it's not a tick.

  • - Okay. - Just a regular mole. - Just keep an eye on it.

  • The neighborhood has changed since they put that fancy new supermarket in town.

  • So now you get some people voting with clothes on these days.

  • Other newcomers, they embrace the nudist lifestyle to advance their calls.

  • It's beautiful to see.

  • Of course, these days, nobody is completely nude.

  • We're all wearing masks and taking precautions in the hopes that by Christmas will be able to get back to caroling in the buff.

  • Safety first.

  • Just because you can see are assholes don't mean we are assholes.

  • - Hey, Earl! - Hey, Stan!

  • - How's it hangin'? - With this breeze? A little northeast.

  • And don't forget to check your voter registration.

  • Stan missed the election four years ago.

  • I won't let him hear the end of it.

  • Damn, Stan, I didn't think the salons open till phase five.

  • I'm doing my own weeding thes days.

  • Voting nude is the purest form of liberty that I can think ofphysically, spiritually, politically.

  • Nothing gets me harder than voting naked.

  • This year let voting naked, get you hard, too.

  • Or wet.

When you live in a nudist colony, this is what democracy looks like.

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What Voting Is Like in a Nudist Colony - Mini-Mocks

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/07
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