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  • well, Adam Schefter had the news.

  • First Adam talk about this trade.

  • Did it happen quickly?

  • What did you know about it as the day progress on Saturday, John, the Rams had been working on this for a few days now in the Detroit Lions really wanted to get this done and resolved as soon as possible, and there were other teams involved in the process as well.

  • But it quickly became apparent that the Los Angeles Rams wanted Matthew Stafford as badly as Matthew Stafford wanted them.

  • Matthew Stafford was drawn to the idea that he was playing for Sean McVeigh in the Rams offense with those weapons in that city in that stadium, which host the Super Bowl next season and obviously became quickly apparent that those two sides wanted it toe work and the Detroit Lions, once they got all that compensation in return.

  • Keep in mind, they get back the former number one overall.

  • Pick Jared Goff.

  • They get to future first round picks, a third round draft pick.

  • Ah, lot of picks for Matthew Stafford, who they were going to trade anyway.

  • It worked on all ends for all sides, and they agreed to the deal, which cannot be processed until the new league year begins in the middle of March.

  • John.

  • This will be the fifth straight draft.

  • The Rams don't have a number one draft pick that, but that's never scared them off in the past.

  • Uh, when a trade like this happens out of and you break it, I'm sure you start here from people around the league getting text from coaches.

  • GMs players.

  • What was their reaction to this?

  • I think it was too much given up by the Rams to get Stafford.

  • Listen, it's never too much to give up for a quarterback that you believe in.

  • Sean McVeigh is getting a quarterback that he's identified and studied at length already over the last couple of weeks that he believes will be a star in L.

  • A.

  • Keep in mind the Lions new general manager is Brad Holmes.

  • Brad Holmes, formally off the Rams personnel department.

  • He knows Jared Goff very well, and Dan Campbell, the Lions new head coach, also looked at Gotham as somebody they wanted.

  • So the Rams get the quarterback.

  • They want to plan their Chamakh, pay the lion's, get a quarterback that they know well to take over from Matthew Stafford, and they now will have double ones after this year in each of the next two years, not to mention the third round pick in this year's draft.

  • You predicted massive turnover at the quarterback position in the NFL.

  • I think you're over under was 18.

  • So this is a two for one special for you.

  • Could this possibility could this possible mean Mawr trades coming quicker than normal, Adam?

  • Or are these all mutually exclusive?

  • Could we see Mo mentum for deals now?

  • Well, John Way always thought that this would be an unprecedented movement of quarterbacks during the off season.

  • And already we haven't gotten to the Super Bowl.

  • We're a week away from the Super Bowl, and we've already seen two former number one overall picks trade teams.

  • It's just the start.

  • When you look at all the names that are out there and all the potential moves that are out there, this will just be the beginning.

  • And again, there aren't many teams.

  • You could look at that, you know they're opening.

  • They started, But you know what we now know to We know that Matthew Stafford is gonna start for the Rams.

  • We know that Jared Goff is going to start for the Detroit Lions, and we also know the Lions play at the Rams this fall.

  • Coming up.

  • Hopefully, we'll have the stands filled again with fans to see that going down.

  • Adam Schefter will be busy over the next couple of weeks in couple months as he breaks down the trade of Matthew Stafford going to the Rams.

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well, Adam Schefter had the news.

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