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  • Texans have said all along they don't want to do this, but he likely forces their hand.

  • They could play hardball and say, Look, you know, dish on.

  • If you want to retire and sit out, we'll move on without you.

  • But the opportunity for them to refresh their draft pick stock is probably too much to pass up.

  • This is a player who should bring back a massive return for a team that doesn't currently have, Ah, first round pick.

  • You talk to people around the league.

  • It sounds like the price should start around three first round picks.

  • Now.

  • That could be, you know, two first round picks and a guy you took in last year's first round.

  • It will be interesting to see how teams get creative with their offers, but this is an unprecedented situation in terms of a player this good, this young being potentially traded at this point in his contract.

  • So we should see some unprecedented types of offers in exchange for DeShaun Watson when they start to roll in correct.

  • I think it is actually a reasonable statement to say this will be the biggest trade in NFL history.

  • When you take all those things into account, and I think the return will be the biggest in history.

  • Dan Orlovsky.

  • How do you see it?

  • If I was Dave Gettleman of the New York Giants, I would take Daniel Jones.

  • I would take, say, Kwan, Barkley and I would take three first round picks and call Houston and not allow them to get off the phone with me.

  • Greeny as a general manager in this moment, if you ever we're going to take a swing.

  • This is the swing to take.

  • If DeShaun Watson was coming out of college football this year, everybody in the NFL, I think, outside of maybe Kansas City would be trying just a nonstop to get the first pick.

  • What what package do we have to get put together to go get the first pick?

  • This is the same type of situation as a general manager.

  • The last thing you want to do is look back and with regret that we didn't try hard enough that we didn't throw in one extra first rounder.

  • That's the type of player in person that you're going to get with the Shawn Watson.

  • So what I'm watching is who as a general manager is gonna get creative.

  • How creative are they going to get to go get one of the best players in the NFL?

  • This is the time where you can make your career as a general manager.

  • Now, Herschel Walker went for three first rounders.

  • Once upon a time.

  • This should do that and then some.

  • Bart Scott, What do you think?

  • Well, for me, I think the market for the Shawn Watson has struck in a little bit, because when you think about now that you have Matthew Stafford out, their teams that are ready and willing toe win now is gonna have the ability only give up one first round draft pick.

  • I don't think that teams like the Jets or teams like Carolina have to give up is much draft equity estate, as people may think, because at the end of the day that Shawn Watson has the ultimate no trade clause to decide that where he wants to go.

  • So it has to be mutually beneficial for both sides, and they have to come to an agreement.

  • You know, we saw that we saw the game plan now now decide what's can come to camp and not be a willing participant.

  • He could come late.

  • He cannot come in off season programs, so I think he can force their hands.

  • And teams understand that that if they have a wink wink with the shine Watson that they could be able to get him for a little bit less compensation.

  • Nobody could give Mawr than you know to me, in my opinion, than the Dolphins or the New York Jets.

  • So I think that's the really the big market for him, because they could give two first round draft picks this year.

  • And they could give you a talented young quarterback that you may not want to give up on.

  • If you decide to go a different way, you think about the Giants, you know, given, say Kwan, Barkley and given Daniel Jones.

  • I don't wanna agent running back.

  • We know the conversation.

  • We saw that with David Johnson, a guy who had a good season but hasn't really got back to form.

  • We don't know what say Kwan is.

  • You know, with that knee injury, I think the Jets in the Miami Dolphins have a better chance.

  • Atlanta into Shawn Watson than anybody because of the addition of Matthew Stafford.

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Texans have said all along they don't want to do this, but he likely forces their hand.

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'This will be the biggest trade in NFL history' - Greeny on Deshaun Watson | Get Up

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