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  • we begin in Russia, where over 3000 people have been arrested during a second week of nationwide protests in support of opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

  • The greatest number of detentions so far have been reported in the capital, Moscow, where many demonstrators gathered near the prison where Navalny is being held.

  • But protests have been taking place across many time zones this Sunday from Siberia in the east to ST Peter's ST Petersburg in the west.

  • Navalny was arrested earlier this month on his return to Russia from Germany, where he spent five months recovering from an attempt to kill him with a nerve agent.

  • A week to off the opposition's challenge to Vladimir Putin, thousands have gathered again in this center off ST Petersburg.

  • There again demonstrating for the release off opposition politician Aleksei Navalny.

  • Ahead off the protest, the authorities cordoned off many areas off the city center.

  • For many people here, this is the first time they have ever attended a protest.

  • Until recently, they didn't care about Alexi Navalny.

  • But his arrest at a Moscow airport on return from Germany outraged many Russians and many are also here to demonstrate against corruption, perceived police violence and a lack off democracy in Russia.

  • They showed up even though Organizer's didn't receive a permit for the protests from the authorities.

  • Firstly, our elites, our authorities are deeply lying.

  • Secondly, I'm against corruption and thirdly, I'm against political prisoners in our country.

  • People who tell the truth in Russia should be free.

  • I'm not here so much because of Navalny's support, not because off the immediate change off government, I'm here fighting to ensure that we are not deceived.

  • In the run up to the demonstrations, police across the country attempt to intimidate activists and journalists.

  • Some were even arrested.

  • Lyubov Sobol was one of them.

  • She's thes second most famous face off.

  • The Russian opposition after Navalny subway is a member off Navalny's NGO, the Anti Corruption Foundation, which published and now famous video nearly two weeks ago.

  • In it, Navalny exposes a palace allegedly belonging to President Putin, according tothe opposition politician.

  • It was built with money from corruption.

  • Navalny's video already has more than 100 million hits.

  • Even Russian state television has been forced to address his allegations.

  • There are claiming the building doesn't really belong to Putin.

  • Instead, they say it's a hotel which is still under construction and that it's owned by one of Russia's richest businessman, Arkady Rotenberg.

  • Three time for the Kremlin is up.

  • I feel that the Kremlin's policies don't reflect reality.

  • Very honest.

  • So like a week ago, the police are cracking down on this demonstration.

  • Once again, many people are being arrested here in ST Petersburg and in other cities throughout Russia.

  • It's a display off force from a state determined to end these protests.

  • Well, for the latest from the Russian capital, we're joined by DW correspondent Emily Sherwin.

  • Hi, Emily.

  • Now you've been following the protests.

  • Aled Day.

  • What is the situation right now?

  • Like in Moscow?

  • Well, the protests have now officially ended according to Aleksei Nava and these team, but much of what we saw today was pretty unprecedented.

  • First of all, the authorities closed off a huge chunk of the city today.

  • The city center, um seven, several metro stations, initially seven and then later on, several more were closed across the city.

  • Um, Busses were redirected.

  • Roads were blocked off by police.

  • There was a huge police presence.

  • Andi, that sort of closure of part of the city was really much wider what much broader than we've seen in the past.

  • And the other thing was that what resulted from that closure was kind of a cat and mouse game between protesters on police.

  • Uh, the team of Alexi Navalny was actually coordinating protesters on the movement of protesters on the social media platform telegram.

  • They were writing to protesters where to go next.

  • Whenever one meeting place became unavailable or there were loads of arrests happening there, they would move somewhere else.

  • And at one point we saw just how big the crowd waas as they were moving back towards the center.

  • Really?

  • It seemed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people were marching towards us, Um, peacefully, uh, marching towards the center despite the fact that they risked being arrested today in the capital.

  • Well, you just said it there despite the fact that there was, of course, this risk of being arrested.

  • And we've already seen some of the figures that it's into the thousands of arrests.

  • Why is it that people haven't stopped going out?

  • I think everyone who came to this protest today and also the protest last week knew that it wasn't authorized by the authorities here.

  • They knew that there had been last week.

  • You know, there was a pretty big crackdown on the opposition here already.

  • So everyone knew the risk that they were taking.

  • Many of the people that I spoke to today said that Aleksei Navalny was not the actual reason that they came out.

  • In a way he was.

  • He was more of a catalyst for them.

  • So, yes, they were calling for his release.

  • But in a way, he's become kind of a symbol of the fact that there isn't, as they say, here is the protesters say a rule of law.

  • Um, in Russia, many people I spoke to said, They're just fed up with the corruption in the ruling elite here, and they want a better life.

  • They were complaining about the economic conditions as well.

  • On bond kind of Ah, pushing for for something better for a better future.

  • Emily Sherman in Moscow.

we begin in Russia, where over 3000 people have been arrested during a second week of nationwide protests in support of opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

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