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  • So, Tim, what does Matthew Stafford give the Rams?

  • That Jared Goff didn't to make them pull off a trade like this?

  • Well, you have a more talented quarterback.

  • Physically, you have a guy that really can make every throw and make throws that the majority of guys in the National Football League playing quarterback cannot make.

  • Matthew Stafford still has the ability to do that.

  • Uh, you know, at 33 years old.

  • So I think it's a huge upgrade at the position, and I think that when you look at the Rams, it pairs with what many believe is a championship caliber defense.

  • So I think it's an upgrade, clearly a position, which is why, you know, saw what they gave up.

  • Uh, let's talk about that.

  • That price tag, that's that's pretty hefty.

  • Uh huh.

  • It's really hefty.

  • I mean, look, my mind immediately went thio Well, how in the world is DeShaun Watson gonna get traded?

  • Because he's a lot younger?

  • E mean, that's exactly where my head went.

  • S o.

  • It's a lot.

  • I mean, you're talking about, you know, uh, the guy who was the number one overall pick is basically a throw in you know, to a deal where there's multiple first round draft picks, you know, going to Detroit lines like, I think the Rams have probably made the assessment that they're close because of what they have on defense.

  • And they probably believe in some of the young players that they've drafted on the offensive side of the ball.

  • So to bring in a veteran like Matthew Stafford to kind of make a run at it, I think is probably you know what they were looking at.

  • All right, so now let's talk about golf, okay?

  • He had the thumb injury late in the season, so to derail the Rams playoff chances this year.

  • Just a few years ago, he had them in the Super Bowl.

  • So where is he right now?

  • Yeah, look, I think he's still like starting quarterback caliber player in the National Football League.

  • But I think he's one of these players that, um you know, things probably have to be really good around him to enjoy the type of success that he did and that Super Bowl run e.

  • I think it was kind of a poorly kept secret that Sean McVeigh wasn't necessarily in loved with Jared Golf as his quarterback.

  • And so, you know, there was kind of always been rumors about, you know, other quarterbacks that he would prefer over Jared golf, and some of the names, I think would surprise people when you know that stuff would come up.

  • So I think for Jared golf, you know he's in a tricky situation now because he's leaving probably a less stable situation with better support, especially on the defensive side of the ball and going into what is a rebuild in Detroit to a team who knows if they really even like him that much.

  • If they just wanted the picks and they're just willing to absorb his contract.

  • So I think it's a tough road ahead for Jared Golf on.

  • He's gonna have to do it with kind of a lesser supporting cast, all right, we'll see how that works out in Detroit.

  • But the Rams think they've got their man Tim.

  • We appreciate the time and the information.

  • The oddsmakers are always watching and always adjusting now.

  • After this trade, Los Angeles went from plus 1800 toe plus 1500 to make the next pro football championship game, but then they thought about it and the line moved again 20 minutes later.

  • It's now at plus 1300.

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So, Tim, what does Matthew Stafford give the Rams?

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The Rams got a huge upgrade in Matthew Stafford over Jared Goff – Tim Hasselbeck | SportsCenter

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