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  • All right.

  • Next up our next jump ball.

  • Who is the more promising rookie number one overall pick Anthony Edwards or number two James Wiseman.

  • Start us off, Matt.

  • What do you think?

  • I think obviously, both have a lot of talent, but I'm gonna give the edge toe Wiseman because of the organ organization he's got.

  • He's in organization, means so much to young players and when he's going in tow, unorganized ation of Golden State who just came off one of the greatest runs in the history.

  • You have guys like Draymond and you hear every day you get a chance to play with Steph, coach Kerr and just that organization.

  • I give him the upper hand because Minnesota's been in shambles for a lot of years, with ownership management coaches in and out, and they're just a losing franchise.

  • So I'm giving the edge to Wiseman.

  • Although I love Anthony Edwards and what he's been able to do thus far in this young season.

  • Yeah, and Andrew Wiggins alluded to it this week.

  • He you know, Andrew Wiggins is incredibly close to Ryan Saunders.

  • Very close a lot of people in the world organization, but he just said.

  • The organ of the way the organizations run are just different, and he's the guy to have an objective view on that You're asking me to.

  • The most promising rookie is I am blown away by the promise of James Wiseman.

  • I think that his ability to do things, that his size to shoot, he's got great hands.

  • He's got great feet.

  • You know, Edwards is averaging more points.

  • He's not shooting a good percentage.

  • That happens to rookies.

  • I'm not looking at the stats, and Wiseman recently was sent to the bench because of defensive problems.

  • But in terms of pure promise, I am with Matt.

  • I think Wiseman has extraordinary amounts of that.

  • He could grow and I love his skills for a big man and the report about the franchise is good.

  • It's not a knock on Minnesota, it's really not.

  • It's talking about just how exceptional Golden State has been culturally for years and there's ample evidence of it.

  • Matt, you we're inside that organization and this goes back to draft Picks are not the same, just interchangeable by team when teams trade draft picks.

  • Hey, we got a number.

  • You know, we gotta we gotta number one.

  • And this year is this protected?

  • Well, depends on who that team is picking and then how they developed them.

  • And so they can be more or less valuable, just depending on which team is holding them.

  • And the development of James Wiseman we know is going to be good because we know what Golden State can do with young players.

  • We've watched Draymond just for one in these games, right, Matt?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I think Golden State struck, you know, struck gold in this situation because normally they're not a team that would be in the lottery, you know?

  • So normally lottery picks or teams that you know are struggling, and sometimes those are some of the bottom franchises in the league.

  • And guys don't really have a really good example to see next to them day in, day out.

  • But like I said, Golden State at off season last year after running a dynasty run, and now you plug in one of the most talented Biggs we've seen in a long time with all the great vets around him, coaching staff and support system for organization.

  • I'm excited to see what James Wiseman develops into in the next handful of years.

  • Again, the Draymond Green Development Program is really up and running there in Golden State.

  • You can watch it every time those two are on the court together.

  • E.

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All right.

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