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  • given his age.

  • Stephen A.

  • Given the fact that he's on a brand new team, even if it's loaded in a co vid season where he couldn't really practice with him and get to know them given.

  • The fact is going from Belichick, who is the best ever toe Arians, who is good, but he has to get used to.

  • And given the slate of games all on the road, Washington had a really good defense.

  • The Saints beat him twice, Drew Brees in his last game and then Aaron Rodgers, M v P at Lambeau.

  • You know, in in both cases with Brees and Rodgers comes down to the end of the game.

  • The other guy messes up.

  • Not Tom Brady, I'm saying, even if he doesn't win the Super Bowl, this is the most impressive.

  • When you add on top of all that, he is 43 years old.

  • Stephen A.

  • When LeBron was 28 he was about let's take it up to the point he's about to win the championship.

  • He was trying to go back to back.

  • He had a monster year.

  • He was great in the playoffs, playing both ends of the floor.

  • He was 28 last year.

  • He was 35 won the championship.

  • Even had he lost close.

  • What's more, impressive.

  • Mohammed Ali, when he was 22 beat Sonny Liston.

  • Big underdog.

  • He was in his prime fast as lightning.

  • When he was 32 he beat George Foreman.

  • The fight was much closer and tougher before he knocks, forming out before before he knocked Foreman out.

  • But given his age, it was, um, or impressive accomplishment.

  • That's what I'm saying.

  • You have to look at all the circumstances and say not who's best.

  • The old seven Patriots were better.

  • What's more impressive, this Super Bowl run?

  • No, we don't, you dio because you would have one bringing up cliffs that turned into ravines.

  • That would be you.

  • We didn't do that.

  • Molly didn't do it.

  • I didn't do it where I call it didn't do it.

  • So I go didn't do it, Dan Orlovsky didn't do it.

  • Nobody did it.

  • You did it.

  • That's why you have to take that position.

  • We don't have Thio.

  • We can look at the way we can pay attention to To hold on Molly.

  • We can pay attention to 2000 and seven.

  • We could sit up there and say You have to do it because you were the one that wrote his epitaph.

  • You were the one who eulogized him.

  • You were the one that sat up there and said he was done four years ago, then three years ago, then two years ago, even one year ago, that was you.

  • We didn't do that.

  • We saw what he had been doing, and we also saw what he wasn't doing.

  • And we didn't attributed toe age and attrition.

  • We just said, Yo, he needs to do this or that better.

  • But in 2000 and seven, it's 50 touchdowns.

  • It's just eight interceptions.

  • It's an undefeated record in the regular season through the postseason.

  • Okay, Ah, 117 quarterback rating.

  • The number one offense in yards and points and passing yards.

  • This brother was doing it, and the word impressive comes from the standpoint that we looked at the doing the Patriots and we assumed they were absolutely untouchable.

  • If this was two weeks from now in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a Super Bowl champions, you would have a point.

  • They haven't won the Super Bowl yet, which puts the right where the 2000 and 17 was heading to the Super Bowl.

  • Except they were unblemished and blemishes were all over Tampa Bay this year.

  • Two things.

  • Number one.

  • That's right.

  • I was the one writing his epitaph, writing his eulogy, all that stuff.

  • Therefore, I'm really the only one in a position to explain how impressive the accomplishment is, since the rest of the world seem to take it for granted, which is not the right position.

  • In fact, you're right, you're you're actually pointing out something that's true.

  • People shouldn't be hypocritical and be hypocritical and be wowed by this.

  • Now if you all expected it, I'm actually amazed because it's historically unprecedented.

  • That's number one number two.

  • So we need to listen to you because you've been wrong for your you need to listen to what you're trying to do is cut what your truck.

  • What you're trying to do is cut off what we know about in the past.

  • Take less information to prove your argument.

  • The fact of the matter is not just up until the Super Bowl.

  • We have all the information from 07 They lost the Super Bowl.

  • They were supposed to be the greatest team of all time.

  • They lost the Super Bowl and Tom Brady was out played with the money on the line in the Super Bowl.

  • I'm sorry we have that information now.

  • What I'm saying is this.

  • Knowing all that, it doesn't matter what happens in this Super Bowl.

  • The fact that he even got there at this age with a new team with the slate of games and quarterbacks he had to face on the road makes this the most impressive run to the Super Bowl.

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given his age.

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