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  • Yeah, attention, attention, attention.

  • I need your help right now because the truth is the only way that we are going to move into City Hall on May 6th and become the next mayor of London is if we do this together and I need your help to do this, let's be honest.

  • We're going up against a two party system with hundreds of years of history, tens of millions of pounds of financing.

  • There's corporate special interests.

  • There's career politicians, There's backroom deals.

  • Let's be honest.

  • They control probably the mainstream media and they don't like our independent message.

  • But we are being successful because we work together as a group.

  • That's the truth.

  • We've got digital media, we got social media and the truth is transparent through these platforms.

  • And if it wasn't for you, there's no way right now that we would be in second place to be the next mayor of London.

  • And there's no way that the current mayor wouldn't be so scared that police forces air showing up when I'm out there campaigning.

  • But now we've got to take it a step further and we've just created a brand new page on the Brian for Mayor website.

  • It's Brian for mayor dot London forward slash share, and I need you to start sharing our message with your friends and your context and your social media followings.

  • Your email lists.

  • The only way we're gonna do this is from the grassroots that people are going to decide who the next mayor is.

  • Not the politicians, not the mainstream media.

  • Like I said, not the special donors.

  • It's all gonna be about us, and I know we can do it together.

  • I've been getting messages from people all over London.

  • People come up to me, they say, Brian, we know you care.

  • We know you're going to do the right thing and we booked back you and we support you and I appreciate that.

  • Now we've made it easier for you.

  • So if you go to this page and there'll be a link below Brian for mayor dot London forward slash share, you'll see four sections, social video, poster and images, and you can click on each one.

  • The social is incredible.

  • You could start sharing out messages of how we how you support democracy like we dio about Brian for mayor.

  • That's amazing.

  • Next, you can download videos.

  • My policy videos you can download on how I wanna get London back to work.

  • How I wanna put digital first how I wanna put our health first.

  • Next, you can print out a poster and I'm gonna be going through London.

  • Uh, for the next eight days on our digital battle bus and I want to see these pictures in your windows on your house is on your cars, So print them out.

  • Brian, for Mayor.

  • I want to see you on.

  • Finally, we've got images that you can put on your social put on.

  • You know, your instagram feeds put anywhere so go and download them.

  • You can download them for free.

  • But again, it's so important that you do that on that same page.

  • You can also sign up to volunteer for us.

  • We're gonna be having a wave off the Brian for Mayor Army coming out there in volunteers, and we're gonna be contacting people virtually on the phone, however way we can in order to show them that our message is one of truth.

  • It's one of a new direction.

  • It's one of science.

  • It's one of a proportionate response to the virus.

  • And it's not one of this old way of doing things in politics.

  • So again, click the link below.

  • Help me share these assets.

  • Let me see them on your social media.

  • Use the hashtag Brian for mayor and I'll check him out.

  • I'll follow you.

  • I'll like you.

  • I'll give you comments.

  • But we've got to get the Brian for mayor.

  • Army mobilized, and it all starts now with the sharing buttons.

  • So click it below.

  • Share it out.

  • Tag me on.

  • Let's do this.

  • Let's take London to the next level.

  • May 6.

  • Free and fair elections will take place.

  • Let's get our ideas out there and let's make this happen.

Yeah, attention, attention, attention.

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