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  • Adam Schefter on board to tell us what's what.

  • Adam.

  • We said that there were a whole bunch of candidates that were looked at for this position.

  • How did David Cully win the job?

  • Amazing story here, Kenny, Because here's an assistant who's been in the NFL since 1994 who's never held a coordinator job.

  • And if you would have said there's going to be someone from Baltimore staff to emerge to get a head coaching job, you would have thought Greg Roman Wink Martindale.

  • You would not have thought David Cully, but the Texans were looking for somebody who was a CEO who was a leader.

  • I don't think they were concerned about the X's and O's as much.

  • The coaching per se.

  • They wanted somebody to lead this organization, which has been rudderless lately.

  • Forward, and they identified David Cully as the man to do it, and he fills the last off the head coaching openings in this hiring cycle and obviously becomes the first black head coach.

  • To be hired during the cycle is well, uh, Shawn Watson has expressed his discontent down there.

  • Is this going to change his mind, or do you still think he wants out.

  • Depends on who you ask.

  • Right?

  • The Houston Texans would tell you.

  • I'm sure that one of the things that appeal to them about David Cully was that they felt that he might be able to get in audience with Shawn Watson and changed his mind.

  • I don't know that that's going to be the case.

  • I'm highly skeptical that whoever they hired would have been able to change to Sean Watson's mind.

  • I don't think that will happen.

  • I have been told that it wouldn't matter who they hired his head coach.

  • I don't think David Cully will make a difference, but the Houston Texans, we're gonna put every energy they have and to making sure that DeShaun Watson is Lord back to Houston.

  • Though again, a lot of people are skeptical that will happen.

  • Coach, the enemy over in Kansas City has the short term consolation that he's in another Super Bowl, but he gets passed over seven different times.

  • Why did that happen?

  • Well again, we could come up with any number of excuses, right?

  • People have said, Oh, he doesn't interview will.

  • I don't believe that one.

  • They can say that he had some blemishes on his record from college.

  • Big deal.

  • Many people did again.

  • There are so many things they come up against Eric Bieniemy with.

  • The fact of the matter is, I think there's been a problem in hiring minorities in the NFL, at the head coaching position, and maybe Eric the enemy is partly a victim of that.

  • Whatever you wanna call it, here is a man who has led in organization, who is a leader of men who is respected by his players, who's endorsed by his players and who continues to be passed up.

  • He's got to be very upsetting because he is absolutely deserving of a head coaching job.

  • Adam Schefter.

  • Thanks for the knowledge.

  • We'll see you next time.

  • Enjoy the Super Bowl.

  • Thank you, Kenny.

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Adam Schefter on board to tell us what's what.

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Adam Schefter breaks down Texans hiring Ravens assistant David Culley as head coach | SportsCenter

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